WhatsApp May Soon Support AI-Generated Profile Picture Creation


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WhatsApp developers continue to test new features supported by generative AI. Recent details suggest that the app may soon offer users the ability to create profile pictures using AI technology.

Generative AI has seen widespread adoption in various devices, programs, and applications recently. Meta is keen on integrating generative AI into its services, products, and applications.

WhatsApp, one of Meta’s key communication apps, has undergone significant development recently, introducing features such as the ability to display images and videos in pinned messages, and options to delete unread messages, among other improvements.


However, the development of generative AI features is a particular focus for the company. Meta is working on a new feature that will allow users to create profile pictures using AI.

This information comes from a report by “WABetaInfo,” which indicates that this feature is currently under development and has not yet been included in a beta version of the WhatsApp app.

The source also shared a screenshot showing how the AI-generated profile picture feature works, which relies on textual descriptions provided by the user.


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