WhatsApp brings a new experience for organizing important events and meetings


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A new update to the WhatsApp application has been launched, introducing a new feature to support users in organizing virtual events and meetings without the need for separate applications.

The aim of the new update to the WhatsApp application is to provide users with a seamless experience in planning direct meetings through the app, which often requires a separate application.

Through the new feature in the WhatsApp application, users can organize virtual meetings or any other event with a smooth and new experience.


It is expected that anyone will be able to organize an event and receive responses from others in group chats, where all members of the chat group will see the participants in the event or those who declined to participate directly through the group chats.

Additionally, new events will be displayed on the group chat’s information page, and participating members will receive reminders as the event approaches.

It is worth noting that this new feature is initially available for “Community” groups, with availability for all groups expected in the coming months.


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