Spider-Man 2 Game Review

Spider-Man 2 Game Review

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An exceptional experience in Spider-Man games is presented by Sony in the game Spider-Man 2, which strikes the right balance between graphics, combat mechanics, and an excellent level design system. In our following review, we’ll highlight the features of this installment in the Spider-Man game series.

Spider-Man 2 game starts with a new level and vision in superhero games that surpasses the traditional concept of these game categories, which usually focus on enhancing specific character levels in the game. Spider-Man 2 aims to improve the level of each character for an immersive experience in the world of superhero games. In the following lines, we’ll detail our first impressions of the game after an 11-hour playthrough.

The game sheds light on some of the challenges faced by Miles Morales and Peter Parker. For example, Peter faces issues such as mortgage payments and contributing to a friend’s treatment, while Miles works on preparing his college enrollment essay. The game’s events showcase how Spider-Man’s battles impact Miles’ ability to fulfill his personal tasks.

There are also other challenges that both Peter and Miles face alongside combat events in the game. This includes the Venom suit, which affects Peter’s character without him realizing its influence.

Spider-Man 2 Game Review

Spider-Man faces new challenges from Kraven, who continues to attack Peter Parker in New York City. Kraven’s negative impact extends to Dr. Connors, pushing him to transform into the powerful Lizard persona. This dynamic garners significant criticism, weaving themes of a father figure seeking a return to his family alongside battles involving Lizard and Spider-Man, ultimately leading to Kraven’s defeat.

You can enjoy combat events while navigating through New York City with an expanded map compared to previous games. With the PS5, you’ll experience fast traversal mechanics, detailed game graphics with smooth web-swinging animations, and the quick-tap feature on the triangle button to launch webs anytime for an enjoyable experience that surpasses traditional web-swinging favored by many players.

Spider-Man 2 Game Review

You can also experience wind currents that support high-speed traversal in specific locations using the air currents to reach your destination rapidly.

With these available options supporting your progress in the game, you can also enjoy quick character switches between Peter and Miles, mimicking the character switch mechanic in “Grand Theft Auto 5.”

Spider-Man 2 Game Review

Spider-Man 2’s events also boast exceptional performance with the PS5’s SSD memory, surpassing traditional swinging mechanics and fast fluid movements, along with rapid web-launching performance.

You’ll also experience the impact of SSD memory on the PS5 with extended networks that support Spider-Man’s faster performance three times compared to the first game.

Additionally, you’ll find more details about the game’s characters, showcasing more vibrant personalities with higher narrative precision.

Insomniac has emphasized the unique experience of using the DualSense controller in the game’s events in more than one way.

The sound experience in Spider-Man 2’s events is also exceptional, where you can enjoy 3D audio that integrates seamlessly with the game’s events. The game leverages Ambisonics and positional sound technology for object movement in each scene, providing a lifelike and realistic experience in every scenario. Moreover, the game indicators offer a better level of quick target location identification.

Spider-Man 2 Game Review

The game offers two display modes only, which are divided into Visual mode and Performance mode, as the third mode has been removed from the latest game, due to the ray tracing feature being enabled by default in all circumstances.

Choosing the “Performance” mode in the game will focus on enhancing the performance of ray tracing technology, which undoubtedly delivers better frame rates and display resolution on the PS5 console. Insomniac also clarified that ray tracing technology cannot be turned off in any of the game modes.

The visual experience in Spider-Man 2 events is indeed stunning, allowing you to witness more realistic expressions of various character models, integrating with each character’s role in the game and impacting the credibility of character emotions in the game’s narrative framework. Ray tracing technology also highlights reflections in every scene of the surrounding world, with sunbeams and shadows that will certainly appear with a striking view, highlighting the destruction effects in combat areas more realistically.

Spider-Man 2 Game Review

The abilities and skills offered to Peter and Miles are among the standout features we experienced in Spider-Man 2. The abilities and skills have been redesigned for exploration in the open world, with numerous side missions testing your skills and exploring new aspects of each character’s abilities.

Apart from side missions, combat arenas will also provide an exciting experience that may keep you engaged for a long time in improving combat skills. You can enjoy every move and distinctive scene with perfect reflections in the combat arena, along with precise details in each scene. You can also fast-forward to stop ongoing combat situations in New York City, which will appear on the mini-map.

You won’t need to pause for a new Spider-Man mission, as New York City is packed with events. However, you might want to pause briefly to enjoy the scenes and details that make the city unique.

Spider-Man 2 Game Review

The game also offers missions that require either Miles or Peter to complete, so if you start your journey to finish the map, you’ll have a lot of diversity in missions and events. Also, don’t expect a long break as enemy intensity quickly escalates to provide players with a greater challenge in completing missions.

Unlike the previous Spider-Man game that allowed players to escape combat with primary attacks only, Spider-Man 2 lets you use Venom abilities along with some tools during combat. This diversity enhances combat experiences significantly.

Among the negatives in this game version is the distinct red indicator, which is the same color used for some things that need to be avoided in the game, such as sniper bullets. It may take some time to get used to this indicator.

Insomniac also introduces 65 suits in Spider-Man 2 that can be unlocked during gameplay, each with different variants, bringing the total number of suits available to users to 200. For Miles specifically, Insomniac offers choices like the 2099 suit, Anniversary suit, Boricua suit, and Encoded suit. For Peter, a classic black suit, a black Webbed suit from “Sam Raimi,” a Civil War suit, and an Apunkalyptic suit are available.

The game also provides options for upgrading suits such as suit health, focus, damage, and other features to focus on quick web-slinging.

Spider-Man can also acquire tools like the web capture device and surprise attack tools that provide electric defenses.

Overall, the initial impression of Spider-Man 2 reveals meticulous details and special attention from Insomniac to focus on every element in this release, as confirmed by the initial review of the game after an 11-hour playthrough. We still have more details to explore in the events of this release in the coming period.

Author Rating

SPIDER-MAN 2 was developed with exceptional balance between game elements, taking it to a new level and topping the charts among Spider-Man games.



  • +Excellent graphics with improved ray tracing performance.
  • +Character-level enhancements in the game.
  • +Expanded coverage with finer details of New York City.
  • +Clear showcase of SSD performance in PS5 in high-speed actions.
  • +Amazing sound effects.


  • -

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