Review of the Third Generation Amazon Echo Show 5 for 2023

Review of the Third Generation Amazon Echo Show 5 for 2023

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Amazon has launched the Echo Show 5 for 2023 at an affordable price for the market, featuring voice control powered by the digital assistant Alexa. In the following lines, we will review the features and drawbacks of this version.

Amazon has developed the third generation of the Echo Show 5 smart display with voice control through the Alexa digital assistant and touch control via a touch-enabled screen with a smooth user interface. However, the design of the smart display hasn’t changed significantly from the company’s previous version.

Review of the Third Generation Amazon Echo Show 5 for 2023

The Echo Show 5 smart display for 2023 maintains the distinctive design language of the previous version, but Amazon’s new iteration comes with a relatively larger screen size. The display measures 3.2 by 5.8 by 3.6 inches.

The smart display features a 5.5-inch screen size and has a slightly upward-tilted design. Additionally, the back of the screen comes with a fabric design and is available in three color options: black, light blue, and white.

The smart display includes buttons on the top frame for volume control, a microphone mute button, and a dedicated mechanical switch to move the camera cover, and the smart display’s back cover includes a connector for the included power adapter.

The screen features LCD technology with a resolution of 960 by 480 pixels and supports touch capability, similar to the previous Echo Show 5 version. However, the new version includes a faster-performing processor and a larger speaker.

The smart display is powered by MediaTek’s 8169 B chip, replacing the MediaTek 8163 chip used in previous versions. It also features Amazon’s “AZ2 Neural Edge” processor, introduced for the first time in the Echo Show 15.

The AZ2 processor also enhances voice recognition and differentiation, along with improvements in machine learning technology. The Echo Show 5 features a 1.75-inch speaker, smaller than the Echo Show 8’s 2.0-inch speaker, which supports higher-quality stereo sound. The Echo Show 8 also features an 8-inch screen with a resolution of 1200 by 800 pixels and a 13-megapixel camera, while Amazon continues to support the Show 5 with a 2-megapixel camera.

The Echo Show 5 smart display delivers good performance in video calls, although it offers lower quality compared to the Echo Show 8, which also supports zooming and tilting to adjust the user’s face in the frame, features that the Echo Show 5 lacks.

Moreover, Amazon Show 5 supports Wi-Fi 5 connectivity for efficient internet home network connection and Bluetooth connectivity, and it supports the “Matter” platform with the Alexa digital assistant.

Review of the Third Generation Amazon Echo Show 5 for 2023

Echo devices primarily rely on supporting users with voice commands through the “Alexa” digital assistant without the need for hands-on interaction. Smart displays like the Echo Show provide visual information along with voice responses.

To issue voice commands to the smart display, users need to start with phrases like “Alexa,” “Amazon,” or “Echo” and then ask their questions. Users can also choose between different voices for the Alexa assistant, including female or male voices with various accents.

The Alexa digital assistant can provide information about sports results, and weather updates, display user schedules throughout the day, set reminders for events, and show shopping lists via the Alexa app on Android or iOS devices.

The Echo Show 5 smart display also supports voice control of compatible smart home devices through the Alexa assistant. Users can control smart lighting, and locks, adjust temperature, and receive video content from “Ring” cameras or other surveillance cameras.

Alexa can also play audiobooks, music, and podcasts through services like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify, and Tidal.

Additionally, the smart display can play video content from Amazon Prime and Hulu and initiate voice or video calls.

However, the Echo Show 5 smart display does not support the zoom feature available in the Echo Show 8 or larger-sized smart displays.

The microphones on the Echo Show 5 provide excellent performance in capturing sound from different distances around the home. The display successfully captures audio efficiently even with television playback, showing excellent word recognition without being distracted by other audio sources in the surroundings.

Review of the Third Generation Amazon Echo Show 5 for 2023

The Show 5 screen features a bright, colorful display that suits its size but doesn’t offer vibrant colors or dynamic displays like advanced smartphones.

The touch controls work well, with drop-down menus supporting access to various features such as making calls via “Drop In,” playing music, and videos, or controlling smart home devices.

Moreover, the Echo Show 5 can function as a digital photo frame with the ability to preview uploaded photos in Amazon Photos.

Review of the Third Generation Amazon Echo Show 5 for 2023

The Echo Show 5 smart display supports reducing strong speaker responses through drivers that perform digital signal processing to avoid driver damage. However, at high volume levels, this processing can lead to distortion in the audio. Lowering the volume eliminates this distortion but doesn’t provide optimal performance. The speakers balance well in mid-range sound but lose performance in high or low sound levels.

On the other hand, the Echo Show 5’s response is clear with a crisp and clear voice when speaking to Alexa or playing podcasts.

The Echo Show 5 smart display can be a good choice for bedrooms, small office spaces, or other areas with limited space. Alexa offers many features and tasks on the smart display, turning it into an alarm clock, or radio, and providing a good video viewing experience up close. However, its audio performance is average, and the camera does not see an upgrade from the previous version.

Author Rating

The Echo Show 5 smart display is a good choice for small spaces with a quick response from Alexa but with average audio performance.



  • +Good price
  • +Comprehensive Alexa assistant experience
  • +Small size with great value


  • -Average performance in high and low audio ranges
  • -Average camera quality
  • -No speaker input or connectivity ports

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