Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

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Samsung has developed the Galaxy S24 Ultra with all the specifications that users look for in a premium-class phone, and in the following lines, we’ll highlight the features of this version.

If your goal is to get a premium-class phone with the longest battery life or a phone with the best rear camera settings, Samsung has ensured that this year’s Ultra version offers all the specifications that users seek in this category of smartphones.

The battery life in this version lasts longer than any of the iPhones, where charging can last for more than a full day with moderate use.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra also features the best rear camera settings, which have been improved compared to the previous version. Therefore, the camera settings in this version can support you in capturing images of various subjects with the best performance.

This version excels with professional software for users that is not available in the latest iPhones, through the “Samsung DeX” feature, which will turn the phone into a virtual computer integrated with the Windows system.

On the other hand, the experience of software and artificial intelligence features isn’t seamless in the S24 Ultra. These features are somewhat obscured, and to access them, the user has to go through many steps in the settings.

Also, the artificial intelligence features may not be perfect. While features like AI-based translation may attract some users with their performance, there are other less important tools and features for users, such as a button with artificial intelligence technology dedicated to reformatting “Samsung Notes” or summarizing web pages. So, when buying this version, don’t expect the artificial intelligence features to be perfect and come with optimal user support.

Samsung has introduced the GALAXY S24 ULTRA in the global market at a starting price of $1300 for the main distinguished model with 256 GB capacity, while the higher model with 512 GB capacity comes at a price of $1415, and the highest model with 1 terabyte capacity is available for $1660.

For this price, Samsung offers this version with many features along with system support updates and security updates for 7 years.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

The GALAXY S24 ULTRA features the best specifications and standards that excel in many tests over the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Among these tests are multi-core performance, screen card tests, as well as battery performance tests. This version includes the following specifications:

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S24 Ultra with a design that closely resembles the previous version with some minor differences. This version features changes in the design of the speaker grilles and the positioning of the microphones, which have been slightly adjusted. Therefore, it doesn’t come with a major change in the overall design compared to the previous version despite the new features in the S24 Ultra configurations.

Samsung supports the phone with a glass layer coated with metallic layers that add depth to the final design of the phone, which is prominently displayed in the polished metallic purple color. Samsung particularly focuses on the finishing touches in the phone’s color, which integrates with the Gorilla Glass Armor protective glass layer.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Additionally, the power button and volume control button are located on the same side of the phone’s frame for a better control experience. The use of a titanium frame in the phone’s design is one of the prominent changes in this version. However, this choice doesn’t offer a significant difference in the design compared to last year’s version of the same impact that the titanium design in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, for example, provides. The Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with a weight that is only one gram lighter than the previous year’s version.

On the other hand, the S Pen in this version comes with a design that supports clicking on the top part. The pen also features a motion sensor and supports remote camera control via Bluetooth.

Additionally, the stylus pen offers professional drawing performance with the highest accuracy, surpassing any other stylus pen. It also comes with built-in Bluetooth technology for remote control of the phone’s features.

You can also notice the flat design of this year’s Ultra version, so the curved screen has been changed, resulting in a reduced impact of the frame on the screen edges. However, the curved screen in the previous version provided a better grip experience.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung supports the Galaxy S24 Ultra with an excellent screen, combining the best display quality with the highest clarity and color accuracy, with a bright color display and an ultra-high brightness ratio.

The screen in this version comes with several improvements, including adaptive brightness on the screen, which adjusts brightness and color intensity according to the ambient light. Therefore, in brightly lit outdoor environments, the screen reaches a maximum brightness of 2600 nits.

The screen also comes with an “Extra Dim” option, which maintains color accuracy on the screen even with lower screen brightness, providing users with excellent performance in reading messages in low light.

As expected, the screen also features “always-on” mode support. You can also get one of Samsung’s enhanced S-View cases to display the time and weather status through a small window on the phone screen, as well as display notifications.

The fantastic features on the phone’s screen integrate with the Ultra phone’s support for a 144Hz refresh rate. However, Samsung continues to support Dolby Vision technology, while Dolby HDR standards are the preferred choice with these features on the phone.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung supports the Galaxy S24 Ultra with artificial intelligence features, but only a limited number of these features provide good support to users.

This version features the Android 14 operating system and One UI 6 interface, with support for system and software updates for the next 7 years. However, the practical experience of the One UI 6 interface is still somewhat chaotic, so users will need some time to access the new artificial intelligence features on the phone.

Among the features offered by Samsung in the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the new translation tool, which relies on artificial intelligence technology to support users in translating text messages. Additionally, a tool based on artificial intelligence for editing photos will be available, as well as another tool for summarizing web pages accurately.

As we mentioned earlier, artificial intelligence features require exploration in a settings menu that includes 22 different options, 16 of which are new, including the “Advanced Intelligence” option that includes advanced artificial intelligence features.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

It is expected that artificial intelligence features will provide good support for users when writing, as they work to adjust symbols and message shapes. Samsung has integrated artificial intelligence features into the keyboard panel with the live translation feature that supports users in various applications. However, the feature doesn’t perform professionally, as some issues arise when starting automatic correction, such as oversized letters appearing in the middle of the sentence, and some automatic phrases that do not match the text. Therefore, artificial intelligence features are still unprofessional.

Additionally, some of the artificial intelligence features transferred from the Google Pixel 8 series do not offer optimal performance in the Galaxy S24 Ultra. For example, the “Voice Recorder” app doesn’t provide the summary that appears in the Recorder app on Pixel phones, as the Samsung version comes with slower performance and lower accuracy.

On the other hand, the photo editing tool based on artificial intelligence comes with lower performance than expected compared to the tool provided in the Pixel 8 Pro. The “Generative” editing tool allows users to select objects in photos and then change their position, and size, or completely remove them from the photos.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Moreover, when deleting objects from photos or the entire background, users will be able to change the background or the deleted objects using artificial intelligence technology. In the editing tools, Samsung’s version lacks the “Photo Unblur” tool, which allows Pixel users to improve the quality of old photos taken with previous versions of smartphones. This is in addition to the “Best Take” feature, which supports users in removing unwanted expressions and closed eyes from photos.

Apart from artificial intelligence features, Samsung offers the “DeX” feature, which supports users in turning the phone into a professional Chromebook device. When paired with an external screen, keyboard, and mouse, the user will have a complete computer device that supports smooth mobility and saves sensitive data by working on their own phone.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with an optical zoom feature this year of up to 5 times, offering the best optical zoom performance this year, surpassing the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera, which was distinguished by supporting optical zoom up to 10 times.

Samsung also supports the Galaxy S24 Ultra with a digital zoom feature of up to 100 times, and there is no difference in zoom performance in both cases, which comes with the best level of color accuracy and dynamic range compared to the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

You will also notice higher color accuracy, although detail resolution will decrease with overall image quality improvement. Additionally, the 5x optical zoom performance is better in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, while the Samsung version excels in digital zoom.

You can notice detail resolution in digital zoom on the phone up to 25 times compared to the iPhone, which does not support zoom to a higher level with clear details.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung also addressed the color accuracy issue in the Galaxy S24 Ultra through new color processing techniques closer to iPhone techniques. Unnatural colors were one of the criticisms leveled at Samsung in previous releases.

Overall, the Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with the best camera offered in flagship smartphones this year, including macro shots, selfie photography, and also portrait shots that include a lot of detail with the highest resolution.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung also moves to a better level in the editing tools provided in the camera application, which include artificial intelligence features that add more professionalism to the photo editing process.

On the other hand, the Samsung Gallery app offers some suggestions for editing photos, including removing reflections.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra competes strongly with the iPhone 15 Pro Max this year in performance, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip dedicated to Galaxy phones, which significantly enhances the phone’s performance in many tasks, including artificial intelligence tasks, and also playing games with the best performance, smooth experience, and higher frame rates, competing with gaming-focused versions of smartphones.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

You can also test the processor’s performance in photo editing in the “Adobe Lightroom” application, where the phone offers smooth performance in real-time photo editing tools.

Additionally, the Galaxy S24 Ultra outperforms in the “Adobe intelligent masking” tools application with fast performance compared to the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

On the other hand, advanced artificial intelligence features in the phone do not come with the fast performance expected from these features. Despite Samsung pushing artificial intelligence features ahead of competing Apple, the application of these features takes longer than expected to compose messages or make edits to photos. This is in addition to slow and inaccurate performance in writing suggestions.

In practical battery performance testing of the Galaxy S24 Ultra with 5G technology activated and continuous browsing for hours, the battery managed to last up to 16 hours and 45 minutes, with the adaptive display mode activated, surpassing Samsung’s previous Galaxy S23 Ultra release by two hours.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra launched with the same impressive battery capacity as the previous Samsung release, but Samsung has made some improvements in this year’s release to better manage power. Among the power management features is the adaptive display feature, which adjusts brightness according to ambient light to save battery power. Users will also be able to adjust display resolution and processor performance to save power.

Users will also have access to advanced settings to save battery power, which adjusts all phone resources to optimize charging. There is also a special “adaptive power saving” mode, but this option requires many steps to activate it on the phone.

In terms of charging technology, Samsung supports the phone with 45W fast charging technology, which takes 30 minutes to charge the battery by 50% or charge less than 40% in 15 minutes. The phone takes 45 minutes for a full charge. There are other versions that support faster charging performance, such as the OnePlus 12. On the other hand, the Galaxy S24 Ultra supports wireless charging, and you can add this option to the quick settings to avoid lengthy searching for the feature.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

If you want to get a phone with professional standards to support you in work tasks, then the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the recommended version for you. It can work as a laptop device with a smooth and fast experience. It also offers the best performance in gaming, with excellent performance in photography.

Also, Samsung offers through this release the beginning of a better future in artificial intelligence technology, with features such as live translation, photo editing, creating wallpapers, and other features. Although using artificial intelligence features can be difficult at times, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the best at bringing these features to fans of new technologies in smartphones overall.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra starts with a new vision primarily focusing on artificial intelligence technology, with upgraded specifications and excellent performance.

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Additional features


  • +Best battery performance
  • +Amazing cameras improve image quality
  • +Titanium design and Gorilla Armor glass for higher resistance


  • -Large and heavy size
  • -Difficulty accessing new features
  • -Slow performance for artificial intelligence features

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