Review of the PlayStation Portal Portable Gaming Device

Review of the PlayStation Portal Portable Gaming Device

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Sony has developed the PlayStation Portal device to support users in experiencing remote play for PS5 games on a distinctive device with a small screen, which comes with a design worthy of the experience.

Sony competes in the gaming console market with the PlayStation Portal portable device to support users in remote play. While this feature is already available on smartphones or tablets, Sony has introduced the PlayStation Portal with a design and specifications that may compel you to acquire this version of portable gaming consoles.

Review of the PlayStation Portal Portable Gaming Device

Sony offers the PlayStation Portal with an 8-inch LCD screen of the highest display quality, which is a large screen size for a better gaming experience. However, despite this larger screen size, OLED technology would have been the better choice for this category of devices.

However, in practical experience, you will notice the vibrant and strong colors produced by the screen without encountering any screen shadows, with the expected performance from Sony when it comes to motion in games.

The practical experience also confirms that the screen provides good viewing angles, and the display efficiency can be noticed in the angles when tilting the device, where the user will not face any loss in colors or details. You will also enjoy a clearer and more vibrant display compared to the gaming experience on a phone, while remote play on tablets features a larger screen space. However, remote play on tablets requires a separate gaming control unit.

Review of the PlayStation Portal Portable Gaming Device

Therefore, the PlayStation Portal device supports you with a large screen and integrated control units at the same time, eliminating the need for a separate gaming control unit.

With this design, you can also choose the best mode for gaming and have more freedom of movement, unlike remote play on tablets, which requires the device to be laid flat or on a stand, restricting the user’s movement during gameplay.

The side gaming control units come with a DualSense design with a screen in the middle. This design also supports an intuitive user experience, with features that DualSense is known for such as haptic feedback, design, controllers, and resistance.

Review of the PlayStation Portal Portable Gaming Device

On the other hand, this version’s design lacks a touchpad on the control units. However, quick tapping on the screen will be a good virtual alternative for the user. Additionally, the PlayStation Portal gaming control units offer the distinctive overall design features of the DualSense unit in terms of buttons, without the additional features. However, overall, the PlayStation Portal offers the expected design in a portable gaming device for remote play.

The device weighs approximately 530 grams, making it lightweight, and providing a good gaming experience for long periods. Additionally, with this lightweight, the device comes with a sleek, polished design of the highest quality.

The battery is also among the positive features of this version. Unlike the DualSense units, which are known for their short battery life, the PlayStation Portal device comes with a good battery life. Sony has stated in its announcement that the device supports a charging life ranging from 7 to 9 hours.

In practical experience, the charging life of the device’s battery while switching between games like Final Fantasy VII Remake and Spider-Man 2 continuously, with the screen’s brightness set to the highest level and the audio level adjusted to 50%, lasted up to 4.5 hours. When compared to the Nintendo Switch OLED version, which offers almost the same battery life, the PlayStation Portal surpasses the Steam Deck device, which supports only two hours of play.

You can also get additional battery life by disabling some features such as vibrations and responsiveness in the game’s buttons. Additionally, battery life can be increased by reducing the brightness.

Sony developed the PlayStation Portal device with the primary goal of supporting users with a device that enables remote play for PS5 games. Therefore, it primarily requires a PS5 device to operate games. Also, apart from remote play, you won’t get more features in this version.

The device does not offer the feature of streaming services like Netflix or YouTube, similar to Nintendo devices. It also will not support you in playing games on the go, as Portal primarily relies on connecting to the PS5 device and navigating between your device’s menus only.

The Portal lacks Bluetooth connectivity support. Therefore, if you want to listen to games specifically, you’ll need to connect wired headphones or a headset, or one of Sony’s wired or wireless headphones compatible with PlayStation Link. However, Sony headphones add an additional high cost to the gaming device, so Bluetooth technology support was expected to reduce the cost of the gaming console.

On the other hand, the built-in speakers in the Portal gaming device do not provide optimal performance. The speakers have weak performance, with limited audio range, and come with a stereo system that appears when playing games. However, the audio experience was not ideal on the device.

Review of the PlayStation Portal Portable Gaming Device

The Portal device comes with a very smooth setup experience. Initially, you just need to set the PS5 to “Remote Play” mode, then turn on the Portal device and adjust the Wi-Fi network connection settings. Then, you can wait for the device to start downloading and updating, and when finished, restart the device.

Upon restarting, you’ll need to follow the pairing steps with the PlayStation 5, which are quick steps that don’t need to be executed more than once.

You also need to set the PS5 device to standby mode and not shut it down completely, or the connection with the portable gaming device will be interrupted. It takes a few minutes to connect to the PS5 device to get a gaming experience on a small bright screen.

In the practical experience of playing Spider-Man 2, you’ll notice that the text appears in a good size on the distinctive 8-inch screen, which provides a good display for even small-sized text.

You can also enjoy a distinctive gaming experience on the device. With the smaller screen size, you can engage in battles in the game more efficiently, and you can also change your sitting position smoothly without needing to adhere to a specific position.

Review of the PlayStation Portal Portable Gaming Device

To get optimal performance in playing your games remotely, you’ll definitely need a good connection to Wi-Fi networks, as the device’s performance primarily depends on the quality of the connection.

On the other hand, when you reach a stage characterized by a fast pace in gaming, you’ll notice a temporary drop in frame rates. Also, in the experience of playing Final Fantasy VII Remake, a decrease in display quality was observed in levels with fast-paced gameplay.

You may also encounter slow performance in the connection when starting game downloads, due to the wireless connection with the PS5 device. So, you won’t get the expected bandwidth, and you may experience occasional connection drops. However, primarily you need a strong and stable connection with broad Wi-Fi coverage to operate the PlayStation Portal device in any room in your home with the best performance. Sony recommends a connection speed of 15 megabits per second for optimal performance or 5 megabits per second as a minimum. Also, at present, the Portal device does not support connection via networks in external locations that require initial login pages. Additionally, when operating in locations that do not require a login page, the device will take a long time to pair.

Review of the PlayStation Portal Portable Gaming Device

Sony offers a distinctive experience for playing your favorite games on the PlayStation Portal device, surpassing smartphones. The device also comes with a smooth setup experience, with a distinctive gaming experience in playing PS5 games without needing to be confined to a specific location. Additionally, with a more enjoyable experience of movement in any room with good Wi-Fi coverage.

On the other hand, the device will not be optimal for you without acquiring a PlayStation 5, which is a basic requirement for operating the Portal device. Also, it will not support you in connecting in locations that require login to external Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, do not expect more features in streaming services, as the device is limited to remote play of PS5 games only, and it does not support Bluetooth technology.

Sony has developed the PlayStation Portal device with a design focused on connecting to the PS5 device for a distinctive remote gaming experience.

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  • +Best device for remote playing PS5 games
  • +Good battery life
  • +Sleek and lightweight design
  • +Offers the same distinctive experience as the DualSense controller


  • -Does not support Bluetooth technology
  • -Requires pairing with PS5 only
  • -Requires good Wi-Fi coverage
  • -Does not support other streaming services

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