Review of the Nothing Phone 1 – A Unique Phone in the Upper Mid-Range Category!

Review of the Nothing Phone 1 - A Unique Phone in the Upper Mid-Range Category!

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Recently, all phones have become somewhat similar, and each company’s experience has become almost identical. This prompted us to try a completely new type of phone, with a strange design that illuminates from its back. It has been causing a lot of buzz lately. Today, we present to you a review of the new Nothing Phone 1. Nothing is a completely new company founded by one of the co-founders of OnePlus.

Review of the Nothing Phone 1 - A Unique Phone in the Upper Mid-Range Category!

The design of the phone is the most impressive aspect. The transparent back reveals the internal design of the phone with LED lights distributed in beautiful random shapes on the back.

There are 10 shapes of LED lights on the back, with sounds that you can choose from and customize. You can assign a specific sound and light pattern for each contact or application notification.

Additionally, if you place the phone face down on a flat surface like a desk, it will automatically stay silent and only the LED lights on the back will notify you of incoming notifications. There’s also a red light that you can turn on while recording a video.

The sounds are pleasant, and the lights are beautiful, offering a different and bold experience. However, over time, you may get tired of it and not pay much attention to it. Therefore, the design alone might not be a deciding factor for purchasing the phone.

The phone comes with a flat frame but is a bit wide, measuring 8.3mm. Since there are no curves, you’ll feel the thickness of the frame significantly. It weighs an average of 193 grams, neither too heavy nor too light.

The phone’s materials include glass with an aluminum frame and fifth-generation Corning Gorilla Glass protection on both the screen and the back. The aluminum frame feels somewhat cheap. The phone is IP53 water and dust-resistant.

Comparing the design to its competitor, the Galaxy A73, you’ll find that the A73 is taller, slimmer, lighter, and has better water and dust protection. However, the materials of the Nothing Phone 1 excel significantly.

Review of the Nothing Phone 1 - A Unique Phone in the Upper Mid-Range Category!

The phone features a 6.55-inch OLED display with FHD+ resolution and a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, with a punch-hole selfie camera on the left. It supports over a billion colors and HDR10+.

The display is excellent, with incredibly slim bezels, and it looks fantastic. The colors are vibrant, and it includes all the required technologies for the upper mid-range category.

However, there’s a significant weakness in the phone that prevents its display from competing with flagship phones, which is its brightness under direct sunlight. The screen’s brightness under sunlight is notably modest.

The screen colors tend to be warmer, similar to Apple’s displays, but you can adjust them in the settings if desired. Overall, the screen is good, but it doesn’t bring anything revolutionary, and when compared to the A73, the A73 has better brightness.

Review of the Nothing Phone 1 - A Unique Phone in the Upper Mid-Range Category!

The Nothing Phone 1 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ processor with 6nm technology, which is a high mid-range processor, not a flagship one. It also has UFS 3.1 fast storage.

I was hoping that the company would provide a flagship killer processor like the Snapdragon 870, but they chose a more stable and suitable processor for the upper mid-range category.

The phone’s performance is excellent, with most software issues resolved through updates. The phone is now very smooth and responsive. Its performance is good and fast all the time, not as fast as flagship phones, but we really liked its performance. Compared to a high mid-range phone like the Galaxy A73, there’s no noticeable difference in app opening speed, but the Nothing Phone 1 offers a smoother and faster experience.

However, I have to mention that the phone doesn’t offer anything new in terms of performance. It’s just that the software is very light, and closer to stock Android, providing ease and smoothness in usage.

The gaming experience is smooth, with PUBG running on Ultra HDR settings very well with acceptable heat generation. The phone provides good gaming performance similar to the Galaxy A73 without any significant difference.

Review of the Nothing Phone 1 - A Unique Phone in the Upper Mid-Range Category!

The fingerprint scanner is located under the screen, and its performance is fast, but you need to press firmly with your finger, quick taps won’t work. After updates, the Face Unlock works reasonably well but it’s not the best.

The phone runs on Android 12 with a Nothing OS 1 interface. It will receive Android updates for 3 years and security updates for 4 years, which is very good support from the company.

The phone has excellent Haptic Feedback, providing a flagship-like experience, which you won’t find in any other mid-range phone. There’s an additional microphone for noise cancellation and NFC.

The phone’s sound is Stereo, and honestly, it’s loud and massive. Compared to the Galaxy A73, it’s louder. However, if you compare it to a flagship, you’ll find it slightly inferior.

All sensors work well, especially the proximity sensor. The connectivity networks and Wi-Fi are very strong without any issues in this regard.

Review of the Nothing Phone 1 - A Unique Phone in the Upper Mid-Range Category!

The battery has a capacity of 4500mAh. I can tell you that its performance is reasonable; it’s neither too strong nor too weak to bother you in usage. However, you should consider that the LED lights on the back and the 120Hz display consume battery. Overall, its performance is excellent, and the software is very efficient.

The downside here is that the phone’s box does not include a charger, which is unfortunate. It supports 33W fast charging, charging the battery in about an hour and a half. Xiaomi and Realme in this category offer higher charging speeds. The advantage here is that the phone supports 15W wireless charging and reverse wireless charging.

Comparing the battery point with the Galaxy A73, you’ll find that it offers a slightly larger battery, but it doesn’t come with a charger, its charging speed is 25W, and it doesn’t support wireless charging.

Review of the Nothing Phone 1 - A Unique Phone in the Upper Mid-Range Category!

The phone comes with a dual rear camera setup, with a primary 50-megapixel sensor with an f/1.8 lens aperture and optical stabilization, and a secondary 50-megapixel sensor with an f/2.2 lens aperture for wide-angle shots. The selfie camera is 16 megapixels with an f/2.5 lens aperture.

The phone captures images that are almost reminiscent of Apple’s phones. The Skin Toon effect and warm tones appeal to many users. It’s certainly not as powerful as Apple’s phones in processing, but it clearly attempts to emulate them.

The camera sensor performs well in capturing details, and it produces nice pictures even in strong sunlight. However, they tend to lack realism, with the Galaxy A73 excelling in producing more realistic images.

The Ultra-Wide cameras are excellent in terms of details and colors, but their angle isn’t very wide.

Overall, the phone’s rear camera is slightly better than the Galaxy A73, but if you compare it to the iPhone 12 or Galaxy S21 FE, it falls slightly short. It’s somewhere in between.

As for the selfie camera, it’s excellent. It captures respectable details, very reasonable colors, and accurate skin tones. The phone adjusts skin tones well and doesn’t have any flaws in the image, unlike the A73.

Regarding video recording, the phone supports 2160p quality at 30 frames per second, with optical stabilization and an additional microphone for noise cancellation.

Review of the Nothing Phone 1 - A Unique Phone in the Upper Mid-Range Category!

256GB version with 8GB RAM priced at $420.

Review of the Nothing Phone 1 - A Unique Phone in the Upper Mid-Range Category!

The phone offers an experience between the upper mid-range and flagship killer phones. It provides a slightly better experience than the A73 but falls short of older flagship phones.

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Additional features


  • +Transparent glass back and unique design.
  • +Very light software closer to stock Android.
  • +Excellent networks and sensors.
  • +Supports wireless charging.
  • +Cameras that outperform mid-range phones.


  • -Screen brightness is not the highest.
  • -Battery life is not very strong.
  • -Spare parts and accessories are not readily available.
  • -Doesn't offer the most powerful processor for gaming.
  • -No charger in the box.
  • -Weak water resistance certification.

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