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Smart Paper Tablet

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Lenovo competes with developers of E-Ink tablets targeting users who focus on writing or reading with its release of the Lenovo Smart Paper. In the following paragraphs, we will review the features and drawbacks of this release.

Lenovo has developed the Lenovo Smart Paper with an ultra-thin design that does not exceed the size of the USB C charging port on the left side of the device, or a size resembling E-Ink devices. Despite this slim size, the device also features a large screen size.

Lenovo Smart Paper Tablet

The device also features a sturdy metal design, and this version includes a screen with a different experience from LED or LCD screens offered in tablets, as the screen comes with a stronger design.

The external design of the device also features precise details that offer the user a better experience in daily tasks and more comfort when holding the device for long periods. This is achieved through rounded design angles, and the device’s cover extends to edges resembling a mirror before the screen frame. Additionally, there is a metal strip on the left side before reaching the screen for pen placement, which is an intuitive position for holding the device when reading or writing.

A black strip separates the screen from the pen placement area, which extends to the screen, also with a smooth design for a better experience when holding the device from both sides simultaneously.

Lenovo Smart Paper Tablet

Also, on the backside of the pen placement area, there is a thin strip that includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi antennas. Additionally, the Lenovo logo appears at the edge, and the backside is divided into a 60-40 ratio with different shades of color.

Fingerprint marks can be noticed in the device’s design from the backside, but these marks can be easily removed. Overall, the Lenovo Smart Paper stands out with a sleek, modern design and a smooth user experience for daily use.

This version features a 10.3-inch E-Ink screen with HD display quality coated with a matte layer. Including a pen with the device is one of the important features offered by Lenovo in this release, as this addition aligns with the device’s design.

This design also greatly supports the user’s grip on the device from this pen side, which integrates well with the device’s flat-faced edge.

Lenovo Smart Paper Tablet

The pen placement area features a magnetic design that allows the pen to attach quickly to the device. In practical use, you can notice the smooth experience of using the pen, although it may not provide perfect performance in writing on the device, coming at an average level among competitive versions. Therefore, it may not be the best choice for professionals or in professional work fields but is suitable for students or children.

On the other hand, the E-Ink screen in the Lenovo Smart Paper device is one of the important features for providing longer battery life in this version, as this screen category is known for low energy consumption.

Additionally, the screen can support displaying images, time, and calendar in standby mode without consuming the device’s battery. You can also adjust the screen refresh mode through the settings app for smoother and faster screen performance, supporting users in some reading and writing tasks that require faster performance. However, the best and required choice in this device category is the automatic switching between the required screen refresh mode according to the current application on the screen or the pen mode.

On the other hand, the distinctive HD display quality of this version supports clear and strong text display, as the device’s screen supports reducing the impact of blue light that affects the user’s eyes. This is an excellent feature to support executing reading and writing tasks with better performance.

Lenovo excels in this version over some competing devices with the built-in automatic front lighting, a feature absent in some devices in the market. Also, the user won’t need an external lamp for reading or writing at night.

You can also adjust the screen brightness level to appear clearly and distinctly during daylight hours, with warm lighting at night.

Additionally, the E-Ink screen features good brightness in daylight with the matte coating on the screen, which works to reduce reflections for a better display when reading in open places.

The Lenovo Smart Paper device pen comes with a good level of pressure sensitivity for note-taking during meetings or study sessions. The built-in application offers users a variety of options for pens or brushes, providing flexible performance in drawing diagrams and preliminary designs that the user does not need dedicated applications to accomplish.

Overall, you can enjoy an experience that simulates writing and drawing with a pen on paper in this device. However, it will not definitely match the professional experience provided by iPad devices and Apple Pencil. Also, it does not reach the experience provided by Samsung in the Note application, as the Lenovo built-in application does not include an eraser in the upper part or buttons that provide quick actions.

In practical experience, the user will not encounter a problem with the device’s processor or touch accuracy. However, this screen category often features somewhat slow performance, so the user needs to get used to executing actions on the screen slowly.

Lenovo introduced the Lenovo Smart Paper device with the Android operating system, a feature that sets this version apart from many competing devices in the market that often come with custom company-specific systems. However, the device is developed to support users in writing and reading tasks without distractions, so the device does not come with a Google Play Store dedicated to applications.

Lenovo Smart Paper Tablet

The device comes with a dedicated note-taking application and a library from, which is the optimal application for downloading e-books. Additionally, the device launches with a pre-installed Firefox browser, which will support the user in installing other applications on the device from external sites like APKPure. However, some games may not be compatible with the device’s slow performance, and some applications may not support the installation process.

Lenovo supports the device with a Rockchip RK3566 processor clocked at 1.80 GHz, which offers good performance but does not compare to the performance of traditional tablets. The device also features the Miracast feature, which allows the user to share content from the device with a TV screen or any compatible screen.

Smart Paper Tablet

Despite this performance, the Lenovo Smart Paper device can offer good performance in meetings and live presentations. However, the transition time during streaming will not be optimal, as there is a delay of 25 milliseconds in response time, making it not the best choice for designers.

On the other hand, the browser does not offer perfect performance in other browsing tasks, leading to the rapid appearance of advertisements. However, the device offers good performance in reading. This version does not include a 3.5mm headphone jack, so the user will need wireless headphones with the device’s distinctive surround sound feature.

The Lenovo Smart Paper device can provide a good experience in reading comic books. However, the user will not get full-color pages, but they will be able to zoom in on texts or navigate smoothly between pages. Additionally, the user may experience shadows shifting from images or clothes from one page to another.

Also, in the case of recording voice notes, the user will only have one option to listen to the voice notes via a wireless headset connection. On the other hand, with the absence of physical buttons, the user may find it difficult to navigate through applications or notes using gestures only.

The device features a 3550 mAh battery and comes with a 10W charger. The device can continue operating for up to 8.5 hours on a single charge, and these features can support the device in maintaining a standby time of up to weeks.

Additionally, when charging the device for 15 minutes, the user will have a 10% charge, and when charging the device for 30 minutes, the battery charge percentage will reach 33%.

Smart Paper Tablet

Lenovo launched the Lenovo Smart Paper device to the market at a high price point. For this price, the device comes with an E-Ink screen that does not support adding color to your notes, so the user will have to get used to the uniform color of the device. Additionally, this device comes with limited tasks that do not align with the high price.

With Lenovo’s distinctive design and the features offered in this version, it can support you primarily in note-taking tasks, with reading tasks coming in second place.

The LENOVO SMART PAPER device is designed to support users in note-taking, reading, and drawing tasks, with a high price tag.

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  • +Great design
  • +Comes with a stylus and a case
  • +Runs on the Android operating system


  • -Relies on paid cloud storage
  • -Depends on gesture navigation
  • -High price

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