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Stellar Blade

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Stellar Blade was developed without a primary focus on the narrative framework, as the game developers primarily emphasized delivering an exciting gaming experience full of events, battles, and adventures. In the following lines, we will delve into the Stellar Blade gaming experience.

Stellar Blade boasts a captivating and thrilling design that progresses in a fun and exciting manner. The game’s events take place in a wasteland after humans have moved to a space colony, which appears dim in some areas of the game’s events. However, it features a sharper design in crucial scenes.

Stellar Blade

Characters Lack Unique Style or Features

The events revolve around the main character “Eve,” who is sent to this wasteland to confront “Naytiba” and fight the monsters that colonized the land after humans fled.

The main character sets out to search for remnants of human civilization, which include four elements guarded by four monster bosses. Each element provides details about the events that occurred on Earth, the reason for humans fleeing to space colonies, and also the reason for “Naytibas” emergence.

However, as players discover these elements and details one by one, they won’t find any surprises in the events. The game lacks a well-developed character building in the story, and the story itself is the main issue in Stellar Blade.

For example, the game does not provide much detail about the main character “Eve,” who primarily focuses on executing missions and has a strong relationship with her friend “Tachy” from the Seventh Division. However, the game does not reveal deeper details about the character, nor does it engage in any interactions with other characters in the game, such as Adam and Lily.

Stellar Blade

Variety in Enemies and Design

Action is the most important element in the Stellar Blade game, as it features graphics with a smooth and seamless gaming experience at a satisfactory level for the user, with a variety of enemies.

The combat style adopts the distinctive experience of the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice game with the focus primarily on defense, similar to Sekiro. Enemies tend to continuously launch attacks, so players need to continuously press a button to defend against these attacks from the start, where each attack reduces the enemy’s points. When the enemy’s points run out, the player has a chance to defeat the enemy with a decisive blow, leading to the defeat of traditional enemies as well.

Stellar Blade

Enemy attacks come in flashes of colors, with each color indicating the type of attack the enemy is performing. The yellow color indicates an unblockable attack, so players need to evade this attack. The blue flash indicates that this attack can be parried, while the purple flash indicates that the enemy’s attack can be countered by discovering the enemy’s weakness, mimicking Sekiro’s combat style.

The game also adds a series of 4 Beta combat skills that the character “Eve” can use in specific missions, such as using skills to launch a sweeping attack on a large group of enemies, or a triple stabbing attack that inflicts significant damage to the enemy, along with a targeted attack on enemies with a series of shockwaves from a distance, as well as a dedicated tool to break the enemy’s shield.

Stellar Blade

Players can acquire Beta skills through landing blows to the enemy or dodging enemy attacks. Therefore, players are directed to confront enemy attacks as an alternative to continuous evasion.

On the other hand, Stellar Blade excels in the diversity of enemies and also in design variety, as the game features 48 different types of “Naytiba” for combat. However, some of these monsters come with slight design differences from each other or may differ in weapons, so players need to grasp the enemy’s style to start fighting and counter it.

Players can also experience excellent combat in battles with enemy bosses or aggressive monsters that increase the challenge and excitement in combat.

Stellar Blade

Players will have a wrist-mounted drone that supports launching a variety of ammunition from a distance with new mechanisms such as Burst, which settles tough battles in your favor.

Players can also gain Burst Skills by engaging in tough battles and parrying attacks similar to Beta, but Burst supports finishing the battle in your favor and defeating the enemy, so gaining Burst power requires withstanding strong attacks from the enemy.

Side Missions That May Not Be Worth the Effort

Stellar Blade

The fun in Stellar Blade’s events is not limited to facing Naytiba monsters alone, as players can explore sites of human life relics, store items, switch character appearances, or perform other side tasks.

These side missions often refer back to old levels of the game, to capture a specific note somewhere in the game, or deliver an item. However, the journey may lead to boredom for the player. Moreover, the user will not gain much information to rely on along the way, as the guidance is limited to a flicker on the compass to guide the player. Additionally, the effort exerted by the player may not be worthwhile in the end.


Stellar Blade

The developers of the Stellar Blade game focused on delivering a well-designed action-packed game, as it includes many strengths as well as some clear weaknesses. The game lacks the narrative framework that attracts players, and characters that have a distinctive style and charisma. Additionally, the side missions are largely dull, and the combat style resembles Sekiro with a lot of well-designed enemy monsters and bosses.

Author Rating

The STELLAR BLADE game offers a combat experience full of action and challenges, with a variety of monsters, but it lacks a strong narrative framework or a clear focus on character identity.



  • +Action-packed combat game full of challenges
  • +A variety of enemies with diverse designs
  • +Stunning sound effects


  • -Dull side missions
  • -Combat experience resembling Sekiro
  • -Game characters do not stand out
  • -Lack of focus on the narrative framework

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