Review of Sony’s PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset

Review of Sony's PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset

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Sony has taken headset development to a new level with the launch of the PlayStation Pulse Elite headset, which boasts a top-notch design and superior audio quality.

Sony introduced the Pulse Elite headset with features that elevate this version to be one of the best gaming headsets on the market.

Review of Sony's PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset

The PlayStation Pulse Elite headset debuts with an unconventional design inspired by the PlayStation 5, featuring a high arch over the head and elevated ear cups. Unlike the previous version, this headset comes with a small microphone instead of noise isolation technology.

The microphone supports retractability to directly face the user’s mouth. The headset’s side design allows manual control of playback elements, including a microphone on the right side and a mute button. Additionally, the mute button activates a red light, serving as a reminder to mute audio for the other party during gaming sessions.

Review of Sony's PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset

On the left side of the Pulse Elite headset, there are inputs for the headset cable, a charging port, the main power/PlayStation Link button, and a volume control button.

Overall, the headset features a sleek design tailored to PS5 users. The headset’s interface appears on the screen, offering users numerous customization options for their preferred audio experience.

Among the customization options offered to users are sound mixing, EQ customization, and other choices supporting users in tailoring their preferred audio experience. However, the sidetone feature, which aids users in perceiving their own voice levels, is absent from these options. This feature is particularly helpful with the Pulse Elite’s distinctive over-ear covers that excel in noise isolation.

To access the “sidetone” feature, users need to navigate to the audio section in the PlayStation main menu. Additionally, this feature does not transfer to Bluetooth-connected devices.

Review of Sony's PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset

When starting the practical experience with the PlayStation Pulse Elite headset, it’s essential to understand some specifications. The Sony headset relies on “PlayStation Link” technology, supporting fast wireless connectivity to the PlayStation Portable gaming device or the PlayStation 5 console via the included USB dongle.

Moreover, upon connecting the USB dongle, a single click on the power button is all it takes for quick pairing. The headset boasts an impressive range that surpasses some market alternatives, such as the Logitech A50x headset, which comes at a significantly higher price compared to the Sony version.

The Pulse Elite headset also offers the feature of multi-device wireless connectivity, allowing audio playback from multiple connected devices simultaneously, provided that one of the connected devices is a PlayStation console.

Typically, users might connect the headset to a PS5 console via Link and a smartphone via Bluetooth. This setup enables users to enjoy gaming sessions while also hearing phone alerts or engaging in conversations without interrupting the game audio. However, this feature doesn’t support connecting two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Nevertheless, users can switch between devices, connecting one device at a time.

Users also have the option to triple-click the PlayStation Link button to display the audio menu when the headset is connected to a PlayStation 5 console. Additionally, this menu can be accessed via the PS button, which displays the main menu bar.

Review of Sony's PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset

However, the headset does not offer complete noise cancellation. Instead, it provides excellent passive noise isolation.

The PlayStation Pulse Elite is designed for user comfort, featuring ear covers with a smooth and luxurious design. Additionally, the ear covers don’t significantly increase in temperature during long gaming sessions, as confirmed by practical experience with the headset running continuously for 5 hours.

However, the smooth design of the ear covers makes them prone to scratches. Compared to previous Sony versions, the ear covers might start tearing after a year or two of use.

Charging the Pulse Elite headset can be done through two methods provided by Sony: via a charging cable through the USB-C port next to the power button or by using the headset stand for wall mounting during charging. The wall-mount stand includes a USB-C port, allowing users to direct the included cable to a power source. Sony offers a charging life of up to 20 hours of playback, and in practical testing, the headset’s battery consumption remained minimal, with less than 10% consumed after a 4-hour gaming session.

Review of Sony's PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset

Sony recently acquired Audeze and began integrating its technology into the company’s devices. The Pulse Elite headset is among the first versions to feature planar magnetic driver technology, the same drivers used in the wireless Pulse Explore headset.

The Pulse Elite headset delivers tight bass performance, more natural compared to competing headsets. Its bass performance is ideal for gaming, enhancing immersion by distinguishing sounds and directions better. Additionally, the headset balances mid and high-level sounds well.

The headset excels in focusing on audio detail accuracy, a feature lacking in many premium headset versions. It supports immersive gaming experiences with the PS5.

The audio experience in this version integrates spatial sound technology, another Sony feature that enhances interactive experiences in combat games like Apex Legends or narrative-based games like Baldur’s Gate III.

Audio quality remains consistent when listening to music with the Pulse Elite headset. Unlike gaming-specific headsets, which may not perform well for music playback, the Pulse Elite offers decent music playback performance, although not the best. It tends to lose focus in the midrange and vocal frequencies at times, but overall, the headset delivers a clear sound with a good balance between mid and high tones.

During gaming sessions, adjusting audio settings may be necessary due to the numerous sound effects in the game that can somewhat obscure chat sounds.

The microphone in this version doesn’t offer standout performance compared to others like the Logitech G Pro X and SteelSeries Arctis 9 headsets. While it provides clear audio, it falls short in clarity compared to others.

Review of Sony's PlayStation Pulse Elite Headset

The PlayStation Pulse Elite headset excels in audio quality during gaming, features a comfortable design, supports simultaneous multi-device connections, and boasts good battery life. However, the microphone performance is a downside, along with the unconventional design of the headset. If these features don’t significantly impact your gaming headset experience, then the Pulse Elite headset is a recommended choice.

The PlayStation Pulse Elite headset offers a top-quality design and superior audio performance for an immersive gaming experience.

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  • +High-quality design
  • +Superior audio performance
  • +Long battery life


  • -Weak microphone performance
  • -Unconventional design

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