Review of Sony Pulse Explore Wireless Headphones

Review of Sony Pulse Explore Wireless Headphones

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Sony has developed the Pulse Explore headphones with a design aimed at supporting PlayStation 5 and Portal remote users, making it one of the best wireless headphones for delivering an amazing music listening experience.

Many companies have recently been focusing on developing gaming-specific versions of wireless headphones, including JBL, Razer, HyperX, and others. This category of headphones emphasizes fast response and reduced latency, with the Pulse Explore being one of the top wireless headphones developed to primarily support users with gaming platforms.

Review of Sony Pulse Explore Wireless Headphones

The Pulse Explore headphones feature a bulky design that is clearly noticeable when worn, developed to support PS5 users and also Sony’s new Portal gaming remote. Additionally, they are compatible with Mac and Windows devices.

To connect to Nintendo Switch or PS5, users will need a “PlayStation Link USB” adapter. The Pulse Explore headphones also support Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones.

While these headphones are expected to excel in gaming performance, they also provide a fantastic music-listening experience. They offer excellent performance closer to Sony’s premium WF-1000XM5 release, with Explore boasting a strong, bass-heavy sound. However, the XM5s offer a better design and audio performance for music.

Review of Sony Pulse Explore Wireless Headphones

The impressive audio performance of the Pulse Explore headphones is attributed to the magnetic driver technology, a feature pioneered by Audeze, which joined Sony in 2021. This technology has been integrated into Sony’s devices.

The design of the Pulse Explore headphones is entirely plastic, despite their distinctive large size, they are also lightweight. Sony provides a charging case with a sleek sliding cover design. The case is also large in size, allowing for easy removal of the headphones.

Sony includes four different ear tips with the Pulse Explore headphones to allow users to choose the size that best fits them for optimal noise isolation and the highest quality and clarity of sound performance.

Review of Sony Pulse Explore Wireless Headphones

Moreover, during practical use, the Pulse Explore headphones proved comfortable for extended periods, with a battery life of up to 5 hours, while the charging case offers two additional charges.

The Pulse Explore headphones offer a seamless connection to the PS5 by connecting the “PlayStation Link USB” adapter to the PS5 via the USB-A port. To pair, users can press a button inside the charging case before removing the headphones.

The headphones support simultaneous multi-connection, allowing the Pulse Explore headphones to pair with a phone via Bluetooth while gaming. Users can also receive calls and respond without interrupting gameplay.

The headphones can be paired with computer devices via Bluetooth, although users may need a “PlayStation Link USB” adapter to support headphone connection with Windows or Mac devices for a stable connection and quick response without interruption.

When pairing with a Nintendo Switch, users will need a USB-C to USB-A adapter for dongle connection and wireless headphone connectivity. However, the PlayStation Portal device will support direct connection, while a dongle will be required for a PS5 connection.

When testing the headphone performance with PS5 and PlayStation Portal, once the headphones are paired once, they will automatically reconnect when removed from the case. The headphones also continue to stay connected to the phone.

Throughout 10 hours of headphone use with both the phone and gaming devices, the headphones maintained the same performance without any delay in response. They provide an excellent audio experience when connected to various devices, outperforming some gaming-specific headsets as well.

The headphones also support gaming titles that utilize Sony’s 3D audio technology, providing stunningly accurate 3D audio playback in PS5 games. The microphone in the headphones performs very well with multiplayer games, and the volume control elements perform well when connected to both PS5 and PlayStation Portal devices.

Review of Sony Pulse Explore Wireless Headphones

The Pulse Explore headphones do not support full noise cancellation and do not include sensors to automatically pause music temporarily when the headphones are removed from the ear. The headphones also do not come with a companion app on the phone for audio adjustments.

During practical testing, audio control elements were only available when paired with PS5 and PlayStation Portal devices. Control elements for skipping music tracks, for example, will not be available when connected to an iPhone, for example.

On the other hand, the headphones provide an amazing audio experience that supports well in music listening, although they do not support LDAC audio encoding for Bluetooth streaming.

Additionally, they may not match the performance you get from premium headphones with magnetic driver technology and over-ear design. However, they offer balanced and clear sound performance with deep bass.

You will definitely enjoy playing music tracks for a deep audio performance experience with Sony’s headphones, even with limited control elements. The headphones provided excellent performance when connected to an iPhone 15 during practical testing. Additionally, in practical experience with voice calls, the headphones delivered the same excellent level, effectively blocking background noise during calls and providing clear and crisp audio to the other party during calls.

Review of Sony Pulse Explore Wireless Headphones

Sony offers the Pulse Explore headphones to the market at a price of $200, a price point that can support you in obtaining wireless headphones with an elegant design and powerful performance. However, the “Audeze” technology in the magnetic drivers supports this release with a performance worth experiencing.

The Pulse Explore headphones offer very good performance in passive noise isolation during calls and gaming, so you will enjoy clear and crisp voice calls. Additionally, they provide accurate sound performance when listening to music and gaming that exceeds expectations.

Sony has introduced a new experience to the wireless gaming headset market with the PULSE EXPLORE headphones, which provide performance that exceeds expectations in gaming and music playback.

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  • +Excellent audio performance
  • +Reduced latency and fast response
  • +Ability to pair with multiple devices simultaneously
  • +Very good performance in voice calls


  • -Does not support full noise cancellation
  • -Bulky design

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