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Freestyle 2 Projector

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Samsung has developed the Freestyle 2 projector with a sleek design that includes a number of features and supports delivering high-quality images. In the following lines, we will explore the details of this release.

Samsung introduced the Freestyle 2 device to the market at a price of $800, and this version has been available in various markets since last September.

The second generation of Freestyle projectors continues with the distinctive design language of the first version. Freestyle 2 comes in a compact cylindrical design with a movable platform base to support optimal adjustment of the projector. This feature sets this version apart from competing projectors. Additionally, Freestyle 2 features a flexible design that supports 180-degree rotation for precise positioning.

Freestyle 2 Projector

Freestyle 2 supports a display resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels and also features HDR10+ and HLG technologies. The device relies on an LED light source and can support a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours with a brightness ratio of 230 ANSI.

The device comes with built-in speakers that support multidirectional audio with a 360-degree angle. Samsung also introduces this version with automatic adjustment technology. For connectivity, the device includes a micro HDMI port.

Freestyle 2 Projector

Samsung emphasizes the compact design of the Freestyle 2, which supports quick mobility. It includes intelligent features such as gaming support, HDMI ARC connectivity, and a wireless Bluetooth connection for an external speaker. This projector offers more flexibility in enhancing the user experience.

Freestyle 2 Projector

Moreover, the second generation of Freestyle launches with Samsung’s Tizen operating system also found in Samsung TVs. This allows users to access a variety of streaming content services like Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney Plus through a dedicated button on the remote control.

Freestyle 2 Projector

On the other hand, the smart remote control comes with a solar-powered charging feature through a panel on the back. This is a useful feature to support users in fully charging the remote without the need for a rechargeable battery.

Gaming support is one of the key features provided by Samsung in this version, although it doesn’t include Samsung’s gaming platform, “Gaming Hub.” Users can choose to play Xbox games directly through the Xbox Games Pass service using the Xbox controller.

Freestyle 2 Projector

In practical testing of the projector, you can experience fast performance and responsiveness, with stable communication between the Xbox controller unit and the projector screen. Freestyle 2 also supports the feature of projecting an image with a size of 100 inches, and Samsung offers a fantastic feature that allows the use of two projector units to display an image larger than 160 inches.

Freestyle 2 Projector

The projector from Samsung can support image projection in various sizes and under different lighting conditions, whether in confined indoor spaces or open locations.

While projectors typically don’t perform optimally in bright daylight conditions, especially in terms of brightness and contrast levels, the second generation of Freestyle revealed excellent performance in practical testing of various video clips. It offers faster performance with more accurate and natural colors on the screen.

Freestyle 2 Projector

You can also notice the detailed precision of the image, with stable colors and fine details for faces and clothing in the picture.

Freestyle 2 Projector

The Freestyle 2 device combines many features to support excellent user performance. It comes with a smooth experience in quickly adjusting settings, providing the user with a choice between manual or automatic adjustment through the application.

This version also boasts faster performance in programs compared to the first generation. The new version features official licensing, allowing users to stream content services at the original resolution. This is unlike other projectors that may offer higher features but without licensing, resulting in lower display resolutions for streaming content.

Freestyle 2 also comes with intelligent technology to combine two projector units for a larger display size of up to 200 inches. Additionally, this version supports Samsung’s SmartThings platform, allowing users to control all connected smart devices through the projector. The device also supports automatic adjustment, providing an impressive audio experience. Therefore, the Freestyle 2 projector is a good choice for purchase among the competitive devices in the market.

The FREESTYLE 2 projector was launched with new technologies and features, with improvements in performance and image quality over the first generation.

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  • +Elegant and flexible design
  • +Good price compared to the original version
  • +Automatic keystone
  • +Support combining two units to project the image more vividly


  • -There is no focus on 4K resolution

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