Review of Rise of the Ronin Game

Review of Rise of the Ronin Game

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Rise of the Ronin excels among many competitive fighting games with its fantastical yet historically inspired events, combining combat mechanics and distinctive characters with visually stunning graphics for worlds and maps rich in detail. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of Rise of the Ronin.

The events in Rise of the Ronin are detailed, revolving around a narrative framework with maps, numerous symbols, and a wide array of upgrades and statistics, including in-game advancements.

The game’s narrative framework also offers a TV-show-like experience, although the events span a longer period than expected.

Review of Rise of the Ronin Game

The rise of the Ronin’s events took place in Japan during the 19th century, specifically during the “Boshin” War that marked the end of the “Tokugawa Shogunate” rule and Japan’s forced reopening.

The game’s events focus on two characters who survived a massacre in their village perpetrated by the Shogunate, highlighting how the Blade Twins eventually transform into professional assassins posing a threat to the established order.

The game thrusts players into the heart of combat from the game’s outset, allowing customization of their character’s vision before embarking on missions aboard American “Black” ships to assassinate naval commander “Matthew Perry.”

Review of Rise of the Ronin Game

Throughout the game, players encounter historical figures from Japan, aligning with or opposing forces supporting the Shogunate regime, leading to decisions that shape Japan’s future. Regardless of the player’s choices in historical events, the game ultimately leads towards a predetermined outcome.

Players can explore various intriguing events and ideas within the game, touching on themes of loyalty, nationalism, resistance to foreign intervention in Japan, and countering foreign-introduced technology, offering engaging experiences for those passionate about historical and revolutionary events.

Review of Rise of the Ronin Game

Team Ninja pays meticulous attention to battle details, offering choices between traditional samurai weapons, fast-paced dual swords, or the devastating “odachi” sword, providing a diverse arsenal supporting flexible combat strategies.

Combat moves encourage player engagement, including the dual “oxtail” sword strike, each weapon featuring unique designs, combat styles, skills, and techniques, requiring players to choose the suitable weapon for overcoming adversaries in the game.

One drawback in these choices is that some weapons offer greater benefits to players. For instance, “The katana” weapon features eight combat styles, visible before unlocking, including a style reminiscent of “Ryu Hayabusa” from Ninja Gaiden, while other weapons like dual swords and odachi or the “oxtail” sword have only three or four combat styles.

Review of Rise of the Ronin Game

Players need “Ki” energy to support them in facing enemies, managing battles, and defending themselves. Therefore, it will be up to the player to efficiently manage their energy in battles when defending or attacking. Also, conserving energy will help unlock free skills during game events.

To conserve energy in facing enemies and hostile characters, players must choose weapons that outmatch the enemy’s weapon in combat or weapons that allow the player to deliver decisive blows to end the fight in their favor.

In addition to primary weapons, players will have access to some secondary weapons that enable them to conserve energy for longer periods, including bows, rifles, smoke bombs, and even flamethrowers. This grants players great flexibility and freedom in combat, allowing them to reach a devastating end by severing the enemy’s limbs.

Review of Rise of the Ronin Game

This genre of games is known for its aggressive nature in events and combat. Therefore, players must be prepared to face the toughest enemies in deadly battles. In the game, you will be a member of the Ronin or “Veiled Edge” collective, where you can strive to gain karma from facing enemies. Landing a decisive blow to eliminate an enemy will earn you karma that qualifies you to face bigger and stronger opponents. This system is different from usual in this genre of games as it rewards you with loot that you must collect from the ground after facing enemies.

The Team Ninja team excelled in creating a variety of challenging boss enemies in combat, ensuring thrilling battles where you experience high-speed movements that require quick focus to grasp the enemy bosses’ skills and counter their attacks. There are unique rewards from advanced mechanisms upon defeating these boss enemies.

“Rise of the Ronin” game also features unique details that include tricks allowing you to counter enemy attacks, such as “counterspark,” a counterattack that confuses enemies.

Primarily, players must determine the optimal style to confront each enemy for successful battles. Therefore, players must choose weapons and skills carefully to handle attacks that may end swiftly with a devastating blow or those that require a series of consecutive attacks to weaken the enemy.

The “Rise of the Ronin” game excels in intricate battle events to make them more realistic. You can add ropes to pull enemies toward you in battles or use them to support you in combat. Additionally, abilities like Violent Gale or Blade Flash support changing weapon styles during combat and cleaning the sword from blood after defeating an enemy, aiding in regaining strength anew. Thus, you can experience intricate and deep details in the game’s events.

Certainly, players will face some extremely challenging battles, but you can choose the classic level that helps you test enemy bosses’ abilities and also familiarize yourself with weapon styles suitable for each character.

Therefore, you will enjoy a unique experience testing different weapon styles and gradually developing character skills.

The rewards system is one of the best features in the game, supporting players in choosing their fighting style inside and outside battles, as well as embodying their character better.

Side missions add a new dimension to character development and interaction with other characters in events, with additional dialogue rewards in-game events, along with upgrades to unique combat skills and weapon styles.

Players also have access to “Longhouse,” providing options to customize the character’s appearance, chat with friends, and choose weapons, armor, and other details that define the character’s identity with precision.

Review of Rise of the Ronin Game

Additionally, the “Testament of Souls” book allows players to revisit events and redo missions in the game’s story, or you can return to complete missions skipped earlier in the game’s events, or finish a part of the maps.

You can also monitor your friends’ characters as they roam the maps, challenge their avatars in battles, and choose to support friends in battles.

On another note, weapon upgrades don’t always bring significant improvements or essential skills. For example, obtaining a new “oxtail” sword won’t grant additional moves but rather minor modifications. Side missions are optional and may be needed at times for interaction with specific characters before engaging in combat events, although these missions are often unnecessary and may lead to boredom in the end.

Review of Rise of the Ronin Game

The Team Ninja team has combined fantastic historical settings with fierce combat events in “Rise of the Ronin,” making it one of the captivating fighting games that offer the best fun with friends.

The game’s events include many intricate details that enhance the fun level, such as using ropes to grab enemies or descending from a glider on your horse.

The game also features chaotic map experiences with plenty of undesirable loot in battles, so it was expected to focus more on intense combat and fighting.

Author Rating

"RISE OF THE RONIN" blends exciting combat events with clever design within a narrative framework.



  • +Exciting historical events
  • +Great combat battles
  • +Diverse weapons and different skills
  • +Intriguing detailed aspects


  • -Chaotic maps

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