Review of Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro Gaming Phone

Review of Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro Gaming Phone

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Nubia competes in the gaming phone market with the Red Magic 9 Pro, which combines stunning gaming performance with a reasonable price. In the following lines, we’ll highlight the features and drawbacks of this edition.

Review of Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro Gaming Phone

The design of the Red Magic 9 Pro reflects Nubia’s advancement in gaming smartphones. However, carrying the phone for extended periods during gaming may not provide the desired comfort.

The phone is 8.9mm thick, slightly thinner than the 8S Pro, with a negligible weight difference of 229 grams. This weight is acceptable for a gaming-focused phone with several gaming-oriented features. Compared to the curved design of the ROG Phone 7 series, the Magic 9 Pro is not curved, making it slightly heavier in use.

The Magic 9 Pro features a completely flat design, with camera settings on the back under a transparent cover. In the transparent model, RGB lighting around the fan is visible. On the right edge, there are touch-sensitive gaming control buttons with illumination. These buttons have a quick response rate of 520Hz and integrate with Nubia’s gaming UI, allowing users to customize gaming controls for a better gameplay experience.

Review of Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro Gaming Phone

The phone’s frame is aluminum, and the display is protected by Gorilla Glass 5. However, it lacks IP ratings for resistance. The phone has a single USB-C port at the bottom but includes a headphone jack at the top, unlike some Asus ROG Phone models.

You can enjoy a full-screen gaming experience thanks to the under-display camera technology, although the top and bottom bezels house speakers that may not be ideal for some landscape-oriented games.

Review of Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro Gaming Phone

The Red Magic 9 Pro boasts a large 6.8-inch OLED display with a Full HD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. While not the highest refresh rate available, it performs well for most games. The display uses Q9+ luminescent technology from BOE, offering vibrant colors and high brightness levels.

BOE’s new technology enhances brightness levels up to 1600 nits, a significant upgrade compared to the 300 nits of the 8S Pro. This results in a brilliant and immersive gaming display.

In conclusion, the Red Magic 9 Pro excels in gaming performance and offers a fantastic gaming experience with its large, vibrant, and high-refresh-rate display.

The Red Magic 9 Pro comes with limited improvements in the camera compared to the Red Magic 8S Pro. It features a primary GN5 sensor from Samsung with a 50MP resolution that supports optical stabilization. The phone also supports a Samsung sensor previously featured in the Samsung Galaxy S22, along with 7P lenses and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, enabling it to capture photos with excellent performance in good lighting conditions. However, low-light shots see improvements compared to the 8S Pro camera.

The camera settings include enhancements for ultra-wide-angle shots and improvements in macro shots. The phone also supports 8K video recording. On the flip side, the built-in under-display selfie camera does not perform well.

Review of Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro Gaming Phone

The Red Magic 9 Pro combines the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, LPDDR5X RAM, and UFS 4.0 storage standards, providing the best gaming performance at a reasonable price.

Nubia has chosen to support the phone with the latest Qualcomm processors, making it one of the first editions featuring the 8 Gen 3 chip. The company offers the phone with either 12GB or 16GB of RAM, significantly enhancing the phone’s performance in gaming. With noticeable performance improvements, this version comes at a price of just $649.

Moreover, the phone achieved top results in “3DMark Extreme” tests, confirming its remarkable stability in gaming. This performance is supported by Nubia’s cooling system in this edition, which includes 10 layers in the ICE 13.0 system, featuring a fan that activates during gaming sessions.

This version supports Android 14 operating system and Red Magic OS 9.0 interface. Although the design of the interface is not optimal, it provides good support for various tasks thanks to the improvements made by the company over the past two years.

The Red Magic OS 9.0 interface has been enhanced for customization with Android 14, offering better efficiency. The interface includes the pre-installed app and some modestly designed wallpapers. Despite some design aspects, this version of the Red Magic OS 9.0 interface performs well in executing various tasks within the system.

Additionally, the phone comes with the Google Keep app for note-taking, which is a good addition. The “Game Space UI” program is crucial for gamers, providing quick access to a dedicated interface for launching games, and controlling fan settings, processor unit, and screen settings.

The software also offers a simplified interface during gaming, accessible by swiping the top edge from the left side. This interface allows users to customize gaming controls on the touch-sensitive virtual buttons that appear on the screen during gameplay.

Review of Nubia Red Magic 9 Pro Gaming Phone

This version boasts a large 6500mAh battery capacity, excellent for intense gaming sessions lasting a full day. This is a significant upgrade compared to the Red Magic 8S Pro, and with average use, the charging life can be extended to two days.

The phone also supports fast charging technology with 80W power, an upgrade from the Magic 8S Pro’s 65W fast charging. A full charge of the Red Magic 9 Pro battery takes 40 minutes. However, this version does not support wireless charging.

If you’re looking for a phone with excellent gaming performance at a good price, the Red Magic 9 Pro is a great choice. It combines optimal processor performance for gaming with the best memory and storage standards, along with a cooling system that ensures stable and fast performance during gaming sessions.

Moreover, the phone’s full-screen display can provide the best gaming experience, along with a large battery capacity for long gaming sessions.

However, if photography is your main goal in buying a phone, the Red Magic 9 Pro may not be the ideal choice. Also, the custom Android interface does not come with a well-designed layout.

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Additional features


  • +Elegant design
  • +Excellent performance
  • +Large battery with 80W fast charging
  • +Excellent AMOLED screen with vibrant colors
  • +Integrated cooling fan


  • -No support for water and dust resistance.
  • -No support for storage expansion.

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