Review of Itel A70 – Affordable iPhone at an Economical Price!

Review of Itel A70 – Affordable iPhone at an Economical Price!

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Today, we bring you a review of the new economical Itel A70 in the Egyptian market, a phone manufactured in Egypt and offered with a local warranty. It stands out with a sleek external design similar to iPhones, a huge storage space of up to 256GB, and a 5000mAh battery, and the phone box includes almost everything you need. So, is this phone worth buying?

Review of Itel A70 – Affordable iPhone at an Economical Price!
  • Itel A70 phone
  • Warranty booklet and quick start guide
  • Black silicone case
  • 10W charger
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Earphones
Review of Itel A70 – Affordable iPhone at an Economical Price!

The phone’s design is sleek and different, resembling an iPhone. It’s not bulky or heavy, with balanced dimensions in hand and a thickness of about 8.6mm, and its frame is completely flat.

Of course, the entire external materials are made of plastic, but the phone’s build quality is good.

Review of Itel A70 – Affordable iPhone at an Economical Price!

The phone features an IPS LCD screen measuring 6.6 inches with HD+ resolution and a refresh rate of up to 60Hz with a brightness of 500 nits.

The screen is quite satisfactory considering the specifications. Although its resolution is acceptable due to its not-too-large size, the color experience is good for an economical phone.

The refresh rate is quite modest, and the screen brightness under sunlight is also modest. Unfortunately, there is no ambient light sensor, so you’ll have to adjust the screen brightness manually. The screen comes with a pre-installed protective film.

Review of Itel A70 – Affordable iPhone at an Economical Price!

The phone runs on the Tiger T603 processor with 12nm technology and Intel’s customized interface based on Android 13.

The phone’s performance is modest overall, but the streamlined interface and few animations make it offer acceptable performance without feeling any major performance issues with the processor.

The phone has 4GB of RAM, possibly adding 8GB more via software. It handles open apps in the background and app switching reasonably well.

The phone comes with 256GB of storage, a strong feature in this price range.

The graphical performance of the phone is quite modest. It can run games like PUBG on modest settings but delivers mediocre performance. The phone is not aimed at gaming use.

Overall, the phone does not feature the most powerful processor in the budget category!

Review of Itel A70 – Affordable iPhone at an Economical Price!

The fingerprint sensor is present on the power button and performs well.

The phone supports the Dynamic BAR feature, offering some interactions like Dynamic Island seen in Apple phones, creating a shape around the screen notch during charging and unlocking the phone with face recognition. There is no true proximity sensor, and NFC is not supported.

The external phone speakers are mono, as is common in economical phones, with average performance. The phone supports the 3.5mm headphone jack but does not support an additional microphone for noise isolation.

Network capabilities are quite acceptable in the budget category.

The 5000mAh battery provides reasonably good performance, lasting a full day. The charging speed is only 10W, but it uses a USB Type-C port.

Review of Itel A70 – Affordable iPhone at an Economical Price!

The phone has a 13MP primary rear camera with a 0.08MP AI lens and an 8MP front camera with a front flash.

The actual camera performance is decent to some extent in the budget category. The phone processes images well, producing decently colored photos but with weak detail due to the 13MP lens. Portrait mode performance is very modest, and indoor photography is not great compared to other budget phone like the Poco C65.

The selfie camera performance is very modest and not reliable.

The cameras support video recording at 1080p without any stabilization.

256GB version with 4GB RAM for $119 USD

You can use two 4G SIM cards, but you cannot use a memory card.

  • Sleek external design
  • Huge 256GB storage space
  • USB Type-C port
  • The battery offers good runtime
  • Supports Dynamic Bar interactive feature
  • Comprehensive phone box with charger, case, and earphones, besides the real warranty
  • Modest performance due to the processor
  • It would have been better if the screen had a 90Hz refresh rate and slightly higher brightness
  • Weak charging capability in the phone
  • No ambient light sensor or proximity sensor
  • Modest cameras are typical in economical phones.

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Additional features


  • +Chic Design Similar to iPhone Phones.
  • +Long-lasting Battery for All-day Work.
  • +USB Type-C Port for Modern Connectivity.
  • +Supports Dual SIM Cards and Memory Card Simultaneously.
  • +Supports Dynamic Bar Interactive Feature for displaying simple notifications in the notch, similar to iPhones.
  • +One of the cheapest phones with a large storage capacity of 256GB, with 4GB of real RAM that can be expanded to 8GB through software, totaling 12GB of RAM.
  • +The phone package includes a chic case, a 10W charger, a charging cable, and earphones.


  • -HD+ screen instead of FHD+.
  • -Lacks automatic brightness due to the absence of a light sensor.
  • -Proximity sensor for calls is software-based.
  • -Performance is not the strongest due to the Unisoc T603 processor, offering weak performance in games but acceptable daily performance considering the phone's price.
  • -Charging the phone will take a long time due to the weak charging capacity.
  • -Modest camera performance, typical of budget phones.
  • -Does not support an additional microphone for noise isolation.

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