Review of Amazon’s Smart Display Echo Show 8 for 2023

Review of Amazon's Smart Display Echo Show 8 for 2023

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Smart displays offer users a flexible experience compared to smart speakers, and in the following lines, we’ll shed light on Amazon’s smart display Echo Show 8 for 2023.

Amazon introduced the third generation of its Echo Show 8 smart display with the digital assistant Alexa, a bright screen design, and an enjoyable experience specifically tailored for Alexa device users.

Review of Amazon's Smart Display Echo Show 8 for 2023

The Echo Show 8 smart display is one of Amazon’s larger smart displays, following the releases of Amazon Show 10 and Show 15.

This version includes some improvements compared to the previous iteration, such as faster performance, adaptive content, and audio enhancements through “spatial” support.

Unlike Google’s Google Nest Hub, which includes a motion sensor and has a smaller size, the Show 8 features a distinct 13-megapixel camera.

The top frame of the smart display includes a slider button that serves as a camera shutter and also supports microphone mute. However, using this button will surely disable the key feature of the smart display, which supports voice commands.

On another note, the “adaptive content” feature supports users by displaying weather forecasts for the next 5 days when they approach the camera from about three feet away. When the user moves away, the Echo Show 8 switches to displaying the time.

The Echo Show 8 also excels in providing users with multiple control options, including the camera, voice commands, and touch control via its smartphone-like interface. Scrolling down reveals the smart display’s menu, scrolling left shows recent content in Alexa skills, and scrolling right displays the latest news and other content categories.

Review of Amazon's Smart Display Echo Show 8 for 2023

Moreover, the top part of the smart display includes shortcuts such as the calendar, music, connected devices, shopping, and some tools.

Digging deeper into the interface, users can access more features of the smart display, such as viewing Ring camera footage or checking paired smart devices with a single click, as well as making video calls.

Users can navigate the smart display using their fingers, although the smart display is renowned for its voice command reception, with Alexa providing a quick response even during music playback.

Smart displays can support various tasks in general. Alexa can support users well in tasks like shopping for the best deals on Amazon, answering questions such as weather conditions, searching for specific recipes, or controlling smart devices like turning on the lights, for example.

Amazon attempts to strike a balance in this version between executing user tasks and displaying Amazon products and services that align with user preferences. However, it does not always provide a perfect experience.

In practical experience, when initially setting up the Show 8 for first-time use and choosing content to watch, the smart display started showing suggested content and other Amazon offers during content streaming. However, the smart display provides a bright and excellent video content display despite the sudden advertising suggestions from Amazon. Additionally, the screen does not support requesting individual content from YouTube. When entering a YouTube content title, the screen switches to showing channels dedicated to that content.

You can also expect the expected video content quality on the small 8-inch screen, although the speaker does not provide the optimal experience, especially compared to the Nest Hub’s speakers, which offer clearer and crisper audio.

The speaker in Amazon’s Echo Show version features a powerful bass but the audio is somewhat muted due to the screen, leading to directional audio upward rather than front-facing audio, hence the Nest Hub’s speaker delivers better performance.

If you are a user of Echo devices, or Ring cameras, or want to display content on an 8-inch screen, then the Echo Show 8 for 2023 might be a good fit for you. The smart display excels in providing a seamless user experience compared to the Nest Hub, especially in touch control on the screen. Therefore, it serves as an excellent control center for a smart home based on the digital assistant Alexa.

Author Rating

Amazon offers the Echo Show 8 2023 smart display with a seamless user experience centered around the Alexa assistant.



  • +Seamless user experience centered around Alexa
  • +Bright screen
  • +Supports voice control or touchscreen input
  • +Supports adaptive content
  • +Quick response from Alexa assistant


  • -Amazon's content recommendations

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