Official Announcement of a New Generation of iPad Pro at #AppleEvent

iPad Pro 2024

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Apple has now unveiled the new iterations of iPad Pro devices during its event today, featuring an ultra-thin design, enhanced performance, and stunning display.

The new generation of iPad Pro comes with a complete upgrade in the devices, led by the ultra-thin design of the new generation, coupled with incredibly fast performance and a stunning display.

Apple offers iPad Pro devices in 11-inch and 13-inch sizes, with a slim design measuring 5.3mm thick in the 11-inch premium model and 5.1mm in the 13-inch premium version, making it slimmer than iPod Nano devices.

iPad Pro 2024

Apple also offers Pro devices with a 100% recycled aluminum design, available in black and silver colors.

Apple supports these versions with an OLED display used for the first time in these devices, known as “Tandem OLED,” which includes two OLED panels to enhance brightness to the highest level.

The screen also supports a brightness ratio of up to 1000 nits across the entire screen in SDR and HDR and a brightness ratio of 1600 nits in peak brightness.

iPad Pro 2024

The new “Tandem OLED” technology in the iPad Pro screen boasts superior color and brightness control in less than a millisecond, with the highest XDR resolution for bright colors and deep black color with finer details in shadows and low light, delivering swift responsiveness to moving content. The new Apple technology is known as “Ultra Retina XDR” and is available in both iPad Pro models, marking the highest level of display technology in devices to date.

Apple also supports the new devices with the M4 chip, surpassing the M3 chip already and transitioning directly from M2 to the company’s new chip, with the M4 chip featuring a 3-nanometer manufacturing process from the second generation, offering stronger and faster performance.

Additionally, the devices include some improvements in the iPad’s interface, working to match the desired colors with color gradients accurately.

Apple supports these versions with enhancements in the cooling system by integrating graphite sheets into the main structure and copper into the Apple logo to improve thermal performance by 20%, to support the new iPad Pro devices with twice the improved performance compared to Pro devices featuring the M2 chip.

Apple provides a special update for creative applications in the Final Cut Pro 2 and Logic Pro 2 devices, with new features including camera synchronization in every angle for production and editing tasks, with the ability to connect iPhones to iPads to record multiple camera angles.

Apple also introduced the new “Final Cut Camera” application that supports white balance, exposure adjustment, and automatic adjustment in iPad devices.


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