New Report Confirms Upcoming 12.9-Inch iPad Air Won’t Feature Mini LED Technology

New Report Confirms Upcoming 12.9-Inch iPad Air Won't Feature Mini LED Technology

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Apple is holding its next event on May 7th, and the highly anticipated 12.9-inch iPad Air is back in the spotlight with the latest leaks confirming that this version will not feature Mini LED technology in the display.

Contrary to recent leaks suggesting that Apple’s upcoming iPad Air, featuring a 12.9-inch screen size, will include Mini LED technology in the display, the new report from Ross Young refutes these details.

In his recent report, Ross Young clarified that Apple is gearing up to launch the distinctive 12.9-inch iPad Air with a display featuring IPS LCD technology, similar to the company’s current model.

New Report Confirms Upcoming 12.9-Inch iPad Air Won't Feature Mini LED Technology

Expectations also indicate that Apple has decided to backtrack on supporting this version with Mini LED technology in the display due to the high cost of this technology. Thus, this technology will remain exclusive to the iPad Pro for the time being.

Young also added that the upcoming iPad with Mini LED display, featuring a 12.9-inch size, will be officially launched at an event held between October and December. However, the new details did not confirm the branding for this release, so we await further details at Apple’s upcoming event.


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