New Leaks Reveal Camera Sensors in Xiaomi 15 Pro

Xiaomi 15 Pro

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The Chinese giant Xiaomi is gearing up to launch a new generation of its flagship phones, and the latest leaks have unveiled details about the camera sensors in the upcoming Xiaomi 15 Pro model.

A Chinese microblogging site has revealed details about the camera setup in the next Pro version from Xiaomi, with this version featuring three 50-megapixel sensors similar to the company’s previous Xiaomi 14 Pro release.

According to these leaks, the phone is expected to feature a primary OV50K sensor, while the telephoto camera comes with an IMX882 sensor.

Xiaomi 15 Pro

The leaks also indicate that the OV50K sensor features a 1-inch size, an upgrade compared to the Xiaomi 14 Pro, which came with a smaller 1/1.31-inch sensor.

Recently, a sensor with a smaller size, the OV50K40, has been spotted, and this version boasts the highest class in HDR dynamic range across various lighting conditions.

On the other hand, the source of the leaks suggests that the telephoto sensor does not offer the same level of performance as the OV64b. However, it consumes less power, and overall improvements are expected compared to the Samsung ISOCELL JN1 sensor used in the previous version’s telephoto camera.

Previous leaks have indicated that the Xiaomi 15 Pro will feature a rear camera with a square design, with improvements in the lenses. It will also feature a micro-curved 2K display. The Xiaomi 15 series is expected to be officially launched in mid-October.


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