New Leaks About Nintendo Switch 2

Nintendo Switch 2

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There has been a lot of speculation about the Nintendo Switch 2 lately, especially as we approach its potential launch in June.

A fresh wave of rumors has added more excitement to the mix, covering various aspects from screen size to compatibility with previous releases.

One of the main areas of focus has been the Joy-Con controllers. According to previous reports, these new iterations are expected to feature significant upgrades.

The latest information from IGN, citing an external manufacturing source named Mobapad, corroborates claims from last week by a Spanish outlet called Vandal regarding the new Joy-Con drawbacks.

Nintendo Switch 2

The report suggests that the new Joy-Con devices will be larger than the current models and will connect to the Switch console differently.

Instead of using the traditional sliding rail mechanism, they are said to utilize electromagnetic suction.

This new method is likely to improve durability and ease of attaching and detaching the controller units.

Additionally, there are reports of enhancements to the design of the Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch 2.

Specifically, the SL and SR buttons on these Joy-Cons will be metallic this time around, potentially enhancing their durability and feel.

There are also indications of new buttons coming to the controllers, although it’s not yet clear what functions these new additions will serve.

Nintendo Switch 2

These changes are expected to enrich the overall gaming experience, perhaps introducing new gameplay features or improving control options.

Regarding compatibility, Mobapad indicated that the current Joy-Cons and Pro Controller will be compatible with the Nintendo Switch 2.

Additionally, the cartridge slot on the Nintendo Switch 2 may also accept current Switch game cartridges, ensuring players can retain their existing game libraries.

However, it’s not yet clear whether games specifically developed for the Nintendo Switch 2 will be playable on older Switch models. This may depend on the hardware capabilities and specific features utilized by the new games.

This continued compatibility is an important aspect as it helps facilitate the transition for current Switch owners considering an upgrade to the new system while also maintaining the value of their current game libraries and accessories.

According to the latest leaks, the Nintendo Switch 2 may be larger than the previous iteration.

The device is rumored to feature an 8-inch screen with a resolution of 1080 pixels. In comparison, the current Nintendo Switch model has a 7-inch screen that supports 1080 pixels resolution only when docked to a TV via the charging dock.

This will lead to an improvement in visual quality and handheld gaming immersion. It’s a significant upgrade, catering to users who prefer handheld gaming but still desire visual clarity when docking their devices.


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