Microsoft’s Phi-3-vision Small Language Model Brings Image Analysis to Mobile Devices


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Microsoft is expanding its Phi-3 family of small language models by introducing Phi-3-vision.

Unlike its siblings, Phi-3-vision doesn’t focus solely on text; it is a multimodal model capable of analyzing and understanding images as well.

This model, with its 4.2 billion parameters, is designed for mobile devices and excels in general visual reasoning tasks.

Users can ask Phi-3-vision questions about images or diagrams, and it will provide insightful answers. Although it is not an image-generating tool like DALL-E or Stable Diffusion, Phi-3-vision excels at analyzing and comprehending images.

The arrival of Phi-3-vision follows Phi-3-mini, the smallest member of the Phi-3 family with 3.8 billion parameters. The full family now includes Phi-3-mini, Phi-3-vision, Phi-3-small, and Phi-3-medium.


This focus on smaller models reflects a growing trend in AI development. Smaller models require less processing power and memory, making them ideal for mobile devices and other resource-constrained environments.

Microsoft has already seen success with this approach, with reports indicating that its Orca-Math model outperforms larger competitors in solving mathematical problems.

Phi-3-vision is currently available for preview, while the rest of the Phi-3 family (small and medium) can be accessed through the Azure model library.


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