Kids’ Phones: Choosing the Right Device for Your Child (2024)

Kids' Phones

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Are kids’ phones a necessity or a luxury? As parents, we strive to ensure our children’s safety and stay connected with them. But with the wide range of children’s mobile devices available, finding the perfect phone for your child can be overwhelming. How do you navigate the world of kids’ phones and choose the right device that meets both your child’s needs and your parental concerns?

Today, we’ll explore the ins and outs of kids’ phones so you can make an informed decision. From affordable options to the best smartphone deals this week, we’ll present you with tested picks and valuable insights. We’ll also dive into the debate of pay-as-you-go versus monthly contracts and reveal the cardinal rule for kids’ phones. So, get ready to find the perfect device for your child!

Key Takeaways:

  • Choosing the right kids’ phone requires careful consideration of your child’s needs, your budget, and safety concerns.
  • Affordability is an important factor to consider, and there are great phone deals available to maximize your savings.
  • Top tested picks like the Google Pixel 7a and the Bark Phone offer excellent features and parental controls.
  • The Moto G Pure is an affordable starter phone for children.
  • Deciding between pay-as-you-go and monthly contracts depends on your child’s usage and your budget.

The Best Phone Deals This Week*

When it comes to choosing a phone for your child, affordability is a key consideration. Luckily, the market is brimming with enticing phone deals that offer excellent value for money. Here, we’ve curated a list of some of the best smartphones for kids that not only prioritize safety but also boast impressive features and functionalities.

1. Samsung Galaxy A35: This sleek device combines style with substance, offering solid performance and a user-friendly interface. Its advanced parental controls ensure a safe digital experience for your child.

2. Samsung Galaxy S24: With a stunning display and powerful performance, the Galaxy S24 is perfect for tech-savvy kids. Its durable construction and enhanced security features provide peace of mind for parents.

3. Motorola Edge: This budget-friendly option doesn’t skimp on features. Boasting a high-quality camera, long-lasting battery life, and strong performance, the Motorola Edge ticks all the boxes for an affordable yet capable smartphone for children.

4. Google Pixel 7a: The Pixel 7a excels in camera quality and reliability, making it ideal for budding young photographers. Its seamless integration with Google services ensures a smooth user experience.

Quote: “These phones offer a range of features and functionalities suitable for children, such as solid performance, above-average cameras, unique designs, and wireless charging capabilities.”

5. Apple iPhone 14: If your child is an Apple fan, the iPhone 14 is a top choice. With its renowned security features, extensive app ecosystem, and cutting-edge technology, it offers a secure and enjoyable mobile experience.

Make sure to keep an eye out for ongoing deals and discounts, as they can maximize your savings while providing your child with a reliable and feature-rich device.

In addition to these exciting phone deals, be sure to explore other options that suit your child’s preferences and your budget. Remember, finding the best smartphone for your child involves striking the right balance between affordability, safety, and functionality.

Stay tuned for the next section, where we’ll take a deeper dive into our top tested picks for kids’ smartphones, ensuring you have all the information you need to make the best choice for your child.

Deeper Dive: Our Top Tested Picks

In our rigorous testing and analysis, we have identified the best smartphones for kids, offering the perfect combination of functionality, safety features, and affordability. These kid-friendly cell phones are designed to provide a seamless experience for young users while giving parents peace of mind.

Google Pixel 7a

Our top pick for the best smartphone for kids is the Google Pixel 7a. This device offers a powerful processor, excellent cameras, and a unique design that appeals to older kids. With features like Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and an IP67 rating for durability, the Pixel 7a can withstand the inevitable drops and spills. Its well-rounded performance makes it the ideal choice for tweens.

Bark Phone

For parents who prioritize robust parental controls, the Bark Phone is an impressive option. This device excels in keeping a close eye on your child’s smartphone usage, allowing you to monitor and manage their activities effectively. With the Bark Phone, you can ensure that your child is using their phone responsibly and safely.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G is an excellent affordable Android phone for older kids. It offers a quality display, reliable performance, and comprehensive software support. With its 5G capabilities, this device provides a seamless online experience, perfect for tweens who want to stay connected.

Apple iPhone SE (2022)

For those who prefer iPhones, the Apple iPhone SE (2022) is a great choice. Combining affordability, decent performance, and built-in parental controls, the iPhone SE offers a seamless user experience. This device ensures that your child can enjoy the features and benefits of an iPhone while maintaining a safe and controlled smartphone experience.

These top tested picks offer the best smartphones for kids, providing a range of features and functionalities suitable for children of different ages. Whether you’re looking for a powerful Android device or prefer the simplicity of an iPhone, there’s an option that fits your child’s needs and preferences. With these kid-friendly cell phones, you can give your child a safe and reliable device they’ll love.

kid-friendly cell phones

Moto G Pure

The Moto G Pure is an incredibly affordable option that provides a basic yet reliable experience for kids. With its decent camera setup, large battery capacity, and large display, it is an excellent starter phone for children learning to take care of a device. While its storage and speed may be limited compared to higher-end smartphones, it still delivers a satisfactory performance for a child’s first phone.

kid-friendly cell phones

Features of the Moto G Pure

  • Decent camera setup for capturing treasured moments
  • Large battery capacity to keep the phone powered throughout the day
  • Large display for an immersive viewing experience

“The Moto G Pure offers an affordable and reliable option for parents looking for a kid-friendly cell phone. With its user-friendly interface, it’s perfect for tweens who are just starting to explore the world of smartphones.”

While the Moto G Pure may not have the most advanced features, it provides everything a child needs in a phone without breaking the bank. It offers peace of mind to parents and a user-friendly experience for kids. With its affordability and practicality, the Moto G Pure is a great choice for parents in search of an entry-level phone for their children.

Pay-as-you-go vs. Monthly Contracts

When it comes to selecting a service plan for your child’s phone, it’s essential to consider two main options: pay-as-you-go and monthly contracts. Each choice offers unique advantages and considerations that are worth exploring.

Pay-as-you-go plans involve prepaid credits for calls, texts, and data, offering complete control over your child’s phone usage without any surprises on the bill. These plans are cost-effective for basic use and allow you to set limits on their phone activities. However, it’s important to note that pay-as-you-go plans can become expensive when additional data consumption is involved. This option is best suited for parents who want to maintain strict control over their child’s phone usage and spending.

Monthly contracts provide convenience and consistent service by offering a fixed monthly fee that covers a specific amount of data, minutes, and texts. With this type of plan, you don’t have to worry about continuously purchasing credits or monitoring your child’s balance. However, it’s crucial to keep track of your child’s phone activities and ensure they stay within the allocated limits. Exceeding the monthly allowance can result in extra charges that may impact your budget.

Some monthly contract providers offer spending caps to help you avoid unexpected costs. These caps allow you to set a specific limit on expenditures, preventing any surprises on your monthly bill. It’s worth exploring such options if you prefer the convenience of a monthly contract but want to maintain control over your expenses.

kids' phone service plans

Comparing Pay-as-you-go and Monthly Contracts

Pay-as-you-goMonthly Contracts
Prepaid creditsFixed monthly fee
Complete control over usageConvenience and consistent service
Cost-effective for basic useEnsure expenses stay within budget
Potential for expensive data consumptionExceeding monthly allowance can result in extra charges
Some plans offer spending caps to avoid unexpected costs

Take into account your child’s phone usage patterns, your budget, and your preferences when choosing between pay-as-you-go and monthly contracts. Understanding your options will help you make an informed decision that suits your family’s needs and ensures a worry-free phone experience for your child.

The Cardinal Rule for Kids’ Phones

When considering giving your child a phone, it’s important to establish some ground rules. The cardinal rule for kids’ phone safety is to avoid buying an expensive, high-end smartphone for your child. Instead, consider more affordable options that offer the necessary features without compromising on quality.

Kids’ phone safety is paramount, and setting boundaries and establishing parental controls are essential steps to ensure your child’s well-being. By implementing these measures, you can protect your child from potential online dangers and inappropriate content.

To enhance kids’ phone safety, it’s crucial to encourage open communication with your child. Discuss the privileges and responsibilities that come with owning a phone, including the importance of responsible smartphone usage and the potential risks associated with improper use.

“When it comes to kids’ phone safety, communication is key. By maintaining an open dialogue, you can address any concerns, answer questions, and guide your child in navigating the digital world responsibly.”

Remember, kids’ phone safety goes beyond physical safety. It also includes safeguarding their privacy and protecting them from cyberbullying, online harassment, and identity theft. Stay vigilant and educate your child about the potential risks and best practices for online security.

With the right approach and a focus on kids’ phone safety, you can provide your child with a device that offers connectivity, educational opportunities, and entertainment while ensuring their well-being.

Top Tips for Kids’ Phone Safety:

  • Set clear rules and establish age-appropriate limits on screen time.
  • Enable parental controls and regularly check their usage.
  • Teach your child about privacy settings and the importance of sharing personal information responsibly.
  • Encourage open communication and discussions about online safety.
  • Stay informed about the latest trends and potential risks in the digital world.

kids' phone safety

By following these best practices and prioritizing kids’ phone safety, you can ensure that your child’s smartphone experience is both enjoyable and secure.


Choosing the perfect phone for your child can be a tricky task, but with this comprehensive kids’ phone buying guide, you’ll be equipped with all the information you need to make an informed decision. By carefully evaluating their needs, considering your budget, and prioritizing safety features, you can find a device that offers both connectivity and peace of mind.

Remember to weigh the options available, exploring the features and functionalities that suit your child’s interests and age group. Setting clear boundaries and establishing parental controls will further enhance their safety and responsible device use.

With this guide as your companion, navigating the vast world of kids’ phones becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to confident decision-making. Choose a phone that perfectly aligns with your family’s unique requirements and provides the ideal balance of entertainment and communication for your child.


What factors should I consider when choosing a phone for my child?

When choosing a phone for your child, consider factors such as affordability, features and functionalities suitable for children, and parental controls.

What are some popular phone deals for kids’ phones?

Some popular phone deals for kids’ phones include the Samsung Galaxy A35, Samsung Galaxy S24, Motorola Edge, Google Pixel 7a, and Apple iPhone 14.

What are the top picks in the kids’ phone category?

The top picks in the kids’ phone category include the Google Pixel 7a, Bark Phone, Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, and Apple iPhone SE (2022).

What is the Moto G Pure?

The Moto G Pure is an affordable option that provides a basic yet reliable experience for kids’ first phone.

What are the main options for kids’ phone service plans?

The main options for kids’ phone service plans are pay-as-you-go and monthly contracts.

What is the cardinal rule for kids’ phones?

The cardinal rule for kids’ phones is to avoid buying an expensive, high-end smartphone and instead consider more affordable options.

How can I ensure my child’s safety and responsible smartphone usage?

Set boundaries and establish parental controls on your child’s phone, and encourage open communication about the privileges and responsibilities of owning a phone.

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