ChromeOS to Rely More on Android Technology

ChromeOS to Rely More on Android Technology

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Google is making significant changes to ChromeOS, the operating system that powers Chromebooks. Future versions of ChromeOS will increasingly rely on the same technology that runs Android. Specifically, Google states that it will “embrace parts of the Android stack, such as the Android Linux kernel and Android frameworks, as part of the ChromeOS foundation.”

The ChromeOS and Android teams already have some experience working together, having introduced features like the ability to run Android apps on Chromebooks. The ChromeOS team has also adopted Android’s Bluetooth technology. There are several reasons for this shift, including engineering efficiencies and helping phones and accessories become more compatible with Chromebooks.

ChromeOS to Rely More on Android Technology

Google assures that it will continue to provide unparalleled security, a consistent look and feel, and broad administrative capabilities that ChromeOS users, enterprises, and schools appreciate.

Another key reason for integrating more Android technologies into ChromeOS is to enable more AI features. Google says this approach will help it roll out new AI tools faster and more broadly across more devices.

Since Android devices are likely where many users frequently interact with Google’s AI products outside of search, G Suite, and Gmail, it’s not surprising that Google wants to bring some of these same experiences to ChromeOS.

However, Google notes that while it has started working on this integration, the upgrades won’t be ready for consumers for some time.


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