Apple Plans to Launch iPhone 17 Slim with Pricing Above Max Version

iPhone 17 Slim

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Tech giant Apple is planning a significant change for the iPhone 17 series next year. Apple will discontinue the Plus version while developing a new model called the iPhone 17 Slim. Here are the design highlights of this upcoming release.

Apple will not replace the Plus model with the iPhone 17 Slim. The Slim model will not come with the same pricing or expected specifications as the Plus version, contrary to previous expectations that suggested the Slim version would only differ in being thinner.

Recent reports indicate that the iPhone 17 Slim will be the highest-end model in the iPhone 17 series, surpassing even the Max version in terms of specifications.

 iPhone 17 Slim

It is expected that Apple will focus primarily on a slim design for this release. The 13-inch iPad Pro has been Apple’s thinnest device to date, but Apple aims to develop an iPhone with an ultra-thin design and a price point higher than the Max version.

Some sources have confirmed that the iPhone 17 Slim will be launched in 2025, featuring a higher level of design sophistication compared to the iPhone X.

Additionally, it is anticipated that Apple will design the iPhone 17 Slim with an aluminum body, making it noticeably thinner than any iPhone released to date.

The source of these leaks also mentions that Apple has not yet finalized the design for this model, as the company is currently exploring several design options.


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