Apple Announces iOS 18 Update with Enhanced Customization and More Features at #WWDC24

iOS 18

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You won’t need to stick to a fixed interface for your iPhone anymore. During the 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced iOS 18, which offers a higher level of customization for users.

Apple confirmed during the event that iOS 18 will bring more ways to customize the user experience on the iPhone interface, keeping users connected and supporting quick access to personal moments. The customization experience now starts from wallpapers and app icons. It extends to widgets, with the ability to rearrange apps on the interface for the first time in iOS, providing a better experience by aligning wallpapers with icons.

iOS 18

You can choose to arrange app icons and widgets in a sidebar or at the top for quick access to your favorite apps.

Apple also announced that the dark mode in iOS 18 comes with a new experience, allowing users to customize the color tones of all app icons. Additionally, the system suggests wallpapers that match the interface colors, similar to the “Material You” feature in Android.

Another new customization feature in iOS is the ability to personalize the Control Center on the iPhone. For example, users can swipe from the top right to reveal the Control Center and then navigate through multiple groups of controls like media playback.

iOS 18

You can also display all smart home controls on one page, a feature previously introduced in Android. The “New Controls Gallery” allows users to add new controls, and developers can add and pin specific app controls to the Control Center.

Customization is not limited to these features; users can also add new controls to the lock screen, replacing the flashlight or camera icon with a note-taking feature or another preferred element. This feature can also be assigned to the action button on iPhone 15 Pro models.

Privacy standards are another major highlight of iOS 18. Apple emphasized that iOS 18 includes the ability to lock specific apps using a passcode or FaceID for initial access. Locked app data will be hidden from other apps and search results, and you can completely hide the app icon from the home screen.

Additionally, Apple announced a new permission change for app access. Users can specify which apps can access their contacts or deny contact access to all apps, pushing developers to include privacy-protecting features.

iOS 18

The iOS 18 update also brings changes to the Messages app, keeping users connected with the new “Tapbacks” feature, allowing users to choose any emoji for reactions, not limited to a few options. Users can add effects to specific text messages to highlight important news or underline text, with the app suggesting impacts based on specific phrases.

If cellular or WiFi connectivity is unavailable, iOS 18 supports sending messages via satellite, including Tapbacks and emojis, extending beyond emergency communication.

The Mail app also receives updates in iOS 18, helping users organize features like highlighting priority emails from known senders and scheduling them. Similar to Gmail, the Mail app now includes categorized messages such as promotions and shopping. Apple aims to organize content by the sender and related apps on the user’s iPhone.

Users can rearchive specific messages or delete all messages from a particular sender or company, with classification features rolling out in iOS 18 later this year.

iOS 18

Other app improvements in iOS 18 include more detailed maps in the Maps app, featuring topographic maps expected to assist users during long walks. You won’t need to exchange phone numbers or email addresses for payments in the Wallet app; tap the phones together.

For gaming enthusiasts, iOS 18 introduces a gaming mode that reduces background app activity to enhance game performance and improve AirPods’ response time during gameplay.

The Photos app undergoes a significant redesign in this update, with a new mechanism to organize photos for easier searching and a more straightforward design. The update also allows users to filter screenshots smoothly or search for specific types of content.


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